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Turning Dreams Into Actions Around The World



On March 30th, 2010, Tay and Val, two Singaporean filmmakers set off on an epic journey around the world with one mission - to inspire you to:

Discover your PASSIONS Realize your POTENTIAL

Live your DREAMS


"...many students and even teachers were inspired to think about the importance of human connections and not losing the focus on what really matters."

Dr. Kerri Nolan, Director, Country Day Middle School Costa Rica

"Tay and Val put together a talk that was relevant, inspiring and insightful. They connected with our students in powerful ways and I am so grateful that they were able to speak at TEDxWWU. Not only do they have a powerful message, they are living and breathing examples of making their dreams come true."

Marli Williams, Curator, TEDxWWU and TEDx Bellingham

"Tay and Val's program shows us first hand that we can dream, we can achieve our dreams and we can be whoever we want to be. There is no limit when we dream. I can't express strongly enough how much our children, our next generation, need to hear this message."

Joan DuPuis, Retired Law Enforcement Officer, Nevada USA

An Introduction



"I BELIEVE THAT DREAMS CAN COME TRUE" is a community project, taken on by Tay and Val, with the intentions to:

  • Spread the belief that dreams can come true
  • Share stories of people's personal dreams
  • Inspire dreams

As filmmakers, our dream is to tell stories of love, life and hope; stories that inspire. This dream got lost amongst deadlines, budgets and expectations when we were working as full-time TV Producers/Directors. A chance encounter with an old gentleman in Taiwan, Luo Papa reminded us, "Once upon a time, we all had dreams..."

We made a decision to abandon our traditional TV business, sell everything we own and go collect people's dreams all over the world, on our bicycles. Using our skills in story-telling, we want to document stories of people taking that first step towards their dreams, people en route chasing their dreams, and people already living their dreams on videos, photos and writing; and then share these stories on this website.

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How to Enjoy Our Website

How to Enjoy Our Website


We take time and heart to craft each video, photo and story you see here, so that you receive nothing less than our very best. In order to help you enjoy the content, here are some suggestions in navigating the website:

» Start from the very beginning
» Peruse the archives
» Go by the countries
» Browse by the topics

We have also highlighted sections that we think you might be interested in:

» Our "Blockbusters" - our themed projects in various parts of the world, films we've made in order to tell the stories we want to tell, the way we want to tell them
» Featured Posts - entries we think deserve special mentions, that were written to feed our souls... and hopefully would feed yours as well
» FAQs

We hope that you enjoy the stories here, just as much as we enjoy telling them. And if you have been inspired, we hope you would share our website with your family and friends. One Dream Shared, One Dream Inspired »


About Tay


About Tay

TAY SIANGHUI (Documentarian; TV Producer/Director): Has 9 years of experience in film and TV industry; won awards at international film festivals such as the New York Festivals; produced and directed internationally acclaimed documentary, “Little Big Dreams”.

I am... A story. A story about love, about passion, about adventure, about freedom, about anger, about fears, about life's journeys. I am a story made up of learnings. Learnings from your stories and mine.

My dream is... To be a storyteller whose stories provoke thoughts, motivate actions, inspire changes and make a positive difference to this world. And for the people who have been touched by my stories to continue this chain of creating positive changes throughout the world.

Through this project, I hope to inspire by... Being an example - to live the stories I was meant to tell. I endeavour to speak the truth, to be authentic to myself and to allow our stories to work their own magic of provoking, motivating and inspiring.

Some of my favourite entries that I'd like to share with you:
An introduction to Tay - "I Want to Teach"
My first attempt at a zero-budget, one-(wo)man operation short film - "LISTEN"
Celebrating growth and breaking boundaries - Out Of Bounds, 33!

About Val


About Val

VAL TAN XINHUI (Actress; TV Producer/Director): Has 3 years of experience in digital media industry and 11 years of experience in film/TV industry; won Judges' choice award in Asia's first multi-country online talent competition, iTalenstar.

I am... A spirit endeavoring to live each moment intensely, vicariously, and infectiously, so that people around me will also give themselves the permission to enjoy their moments, to savour their emotions, to truly live.

My dream is... To be a critically acclaimed, internationally known, (Cannes and Oscars) award-winning movie actress – to be so good in story-telling that when people watch me; they not only see me, they also recognize parts of themselves. I would like myself and my acting to become mirrors for the audience to reflect on. I aspire for my craft to touch hearts and inspire lives all over the world.

Through this project, I hope to inspire by...
Bringing a reminder - read my introductory entry, "Remembering Dreams"
Living an example - watch our first short film "LISTEN"
Being as authentic as I possibly can be - read my "personal" entries "Dream like a kid" and "To Val"
Act in films all over the world - view my Portfolio