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Once upon a time… 


just like how clouds form – as a natural occurrence
2 girls met
and formed a bond


Listening to stories
Telling stories
Sharing dreams –
For us and our stories
To travel the world


Having listened to stories
Having told stories
We left the city
In search of
The path less travelled…


a wish was made
for dreams to come true


The wish gave us directions
The typhoon guided us
And we landed at Taichung Train Station…


where we headed for “Baishatun”


an unplanned adventure


New experiences


with the Ocean…




and an old old Train


A warm meal greeted us on the train
An old old gentleman brought warmer hospitality
We call him “Luo Papa”


Luo Papa is a retired Train Master


Trains were a childhood dream


“This is a dream come true!”
His grin – so wide, so childlike
It stirred something within us


Luo papa says
“I am going to live my dreams!
I want to cycle to all the train stations in Taiwan and take a photo at each and everyone of them.” 


Touched by an old gentleman’s childhood dreams
Moved by his unmoved resolution
That “something” that’d stirred within us declared
“We’ll go with you!”


We made a promise
to Luo Papa
to the Ocean
to Ourselves

To fulfill his dream,
our dreams,
inspire yours


I Believe That Dreams Can Come True

a project to

go Around The World
documenting dreams Inspiring Dreams
despite Without A Cent

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  • joycelyn

    like it so much!

  • yixing

    thank you for reminding me, the courage to pursue one’s dream! And in return, how can i contribute to your dream? 🙂

  • junehapi

    I believe tht dream does come true if we have the courage to take action and not juz doing dreams..
    be motivated!! ^ ^

    ( ” , )Smile!

  • Jan Elgar

    I love, love, love this project. It’s so inspiring and you have made it wonderfully creative. I can feel myself expanding every time I watch it.
    Thank you so much for contributing to my dream of love and connection. A world where we are kind to each other and all try to make each others dreams come true….pure bliss.

  • Jia You. Keep up the good work. YES. I BELIEVE THAT DREAMS CAN COME TRUE.

    with love & gratitude,

  • This is so inspiring and beautiful…love it! Thank you for believing in your dreams, and sharing this belief with the world!

  • May 17, 2009

    President Barack Obama
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500

    Dear Mr. President:

    My name is Ben Amor and I was born in Tunisia, North Africa. My family was very poor. As a shepherd boy I tried to help my family to survive. Out in the fields I loved to count the airplanes passing by. It was my dream to understand how these tiny specks in the sky can go so fast and sometimes leave a trail of smoke behind them. In 1957 Tunisia got its independence from France and it started to recruit young kids to go to school. My uncle was a postman’s helper and helped my parents to enroll me. I became the first one in my family to go to school. At the age of 19, I became an electrician after graduating from middle school.
    To make my story short, I ended up joining the newly organized Tunisian Air Force and in only a few months they sent me to the French Air Force Academy to learn how to repair airplane radios. In 1968, after I returned from France, the Tunisian Air Force sent me to Lackland Air Force in San Antonio, Texas to study English, and then I went to Kessler AFB to study Radio Repair and to become an Electronics Instructor. I loved San Antonio and decided to come back and live here after my enlistment was up. In 1975, I returned and started chasing my American Dream.

    In order to achieve the American dream, I decided to learn English. Indeed, it paid off; I graduated from college and became a computer lead tech and then a programmer. I worked hard and saved a lot of money. I reached all the goals I set for myself, but I noticed that many others in the community seemed unable to reach theirs. I asked myself why people born in San Antonio, with all of its resources, could not reach what I achieved. I wondered why they were not using all the opportunities available to them. Perhaps they were not aware of the opportunities. In early 1984, I started helping The End Hunger Project to raise awareness about hunger in Africa and I focused on understanding the causes of children dying before the age of one. What I researched at that time was known by the acronym GOBFLIS (Growth chart, Oral rehydration formula, Breast feeding, First aid, Literacy, Immunization, and Sanitation), all factors that can lower the Infant Mortality Rate (IMR).

    In June of 1984, I was haunted by a recurring nightmare fed by the images of starving children in Africa shown on the TV news. Children surrounded me, crying out for help in different languages. Again and again I asked, what can I do?
    Ultimately, I quit my job as a computer programmer in order to find the answer to those questions. After several months I founded Terra-Genesis Inc., a non-profit organization created to provide a link between people in need and resources within their community.
    For over 25 years, I have been a crusader for the empowerment of individuals to succeed. For me, I continue to pursue my American Dream. Today, I speak English, Spanish, French and Arabic. I run three non-profit organizations: Terra-Genesis, Inc. (TGI), Terra-Genesis of San Antonio, and Sav-Baby Inc. I am married and have 2 children. My first child from my previous marriage is a physician and my son from my current marriage is attending a Magnet School with advanced classes.

    I would like to share with you my belief that dreams do come true if you do not give up. In 2009, Terra-Genesis, Inc. is celebrating its 25th Anniversary. In 1985,I created a resource directory incorporating a “multiple keyword indexing system” (MKIS), which applied the derivative of words to match people’ problems to specific keywords, i.e. Camp, Camping, Campsite, Campground, day camp, etc., which then are cross-indexed to organizations providing relevant solutions and services. Since 1986, we went from 12,000 to 17,000 keywords allowing people to search for resources in an easier and faster.

    Through my personal experience I found that resources are available – if one knows where to look and how to ask for help. TGI visited many counties and found resources in every one of them. What we also found is that people do not know about the available resources, because the resources are often hidden from those who are not accustomed to using them. So, what we did through Terra-Genesis, Inc. was to collect, organize and distribute information (in the form of our Directory) to those needing or looking for resources. San Antonio (Bexar County) was the first community to have a complete Directory. Then, we created Directories for Corpus Christi, Austin, Houston, and now we are reaching throughout Texas.

    The key of course is to update the collected information and continue to enter new resources as they become available.
    In 1992, we took Terra-Genesis one step further into the internet world. The TGI Family Network (TFN) provided us with the unique power to update our database easily. Today, TGI uses seven enterprise level servers to run the entire TGI Network and four of these servers are dedicated to the processing and distribution of the information that is collected from the data entry stations, so that our information remains current and accurate.

    We share the resources we collect through a publication, the Community Resources Directory, via the Internet with the On-Line Database, and with remote public kiosk systems stationed in malls and other public locations, that enable the user to have 24/7 access to our database. Currently, we have distributed over 5000 Community Resources Directories, have over 11,000 hits monthly on our On-line Database site, and have 14 kiosks throughout Texas. We also found that, if resources do not exist locally, one may often find them nationally. So, we started gathering the National Toll Free (NTF) numbers for national service organizations and organized them in our database.

    I have accomplished many of my goals and am proud to have traveled the long road from being an “urban shepherd” to becoming a US citizen. I am proud that former Texas Governor Ann Richards recognized me with the Governor’s Special Award for the creation of Terra-Genesis and for being the bridge between people with needs and providers who want to help.

    In addition, Terra-Genesis received a “Points of Light” Presidential Award, as well as the “United to Serve America” Diamond Award. This award was for our summer youth employment program, which provided people with the vision to overcome today’s challenges and empowered them to reach self-sufficiency and become resourceful.

    TGI continues to empower others and to share the American Dream to succeed and to help others to succeed. Currently, we are seeking support to expand our services throughout the state of Texas, the Nation and the World.

    Thank you for your time to read my story. Terra-Genesis, Inc. congratulates you on achieving your dreams! We invite you to take a look at our database at, and at our effort to expand our program to Africa at For more information about Terra-Genesis please access our site at
    Wishing You Success!

    Ben Amor
    Executive Director