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A season of Giving and Receiving

Christmas is a season we hold dear to our hearts. It is a season of sharing joy with dear ones around us; a season of expressing gratitude to people who’ve touched our lives. This year, we were in a less than able financial position to buy gifts; so we decided to gift a part of our lives, a part of ourselves:

Yes.  Our books.
Books that we’ve collected from different times in our lives.
Books that we’ve collected from different travels in our lives.
Our precious books which have nourished our souls and reminded us of many many life lessons.
Lessons that have touched us, the same way the intended receivers of these books have.

We matched each dear one to a book.  Wrote them notes of love and blessings.

That afternoon, we received a text message from a friend, Lawrence –

“Hi Val and Siang Hui! My best friend James and I decided to chip in $100 to you both. It’s not a lot. I told James about you both and the project and he shares the same support. It’s our Xmas gift to you both. We can’t use the online system to transfer the money. Can we meet you at the train station and pass it to you personally?”

We stared at his sms, speechless for some time.
Warmth and gratitude filled our hearts.
We were grateful for the money but more than that; we were warmed by a friend and a stranger’s faith in us.
We were moved by their wanting to support us.

That evening, James shook our hands and said, “I believe in you.

That evening, Lawrence hugged us and said, “I believe in you.

For each and every “I believe in you.” – Thank you.
Because of your gracious generosity, because of your no obligation support, because you, too, are willing to take your steps towards your dreams…
This season has become a season of Receiving, too.

Fund a Dream, Inspire another!

Fund a Dream, Inspire another