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A Reminder To Listen To Our Hearts

Jonathan’s sharing with us stirred something within, yet we didn’t really know or understood the lesson fully at that time. And just before he went to bed that night, he passed us Vicky’s number and suggested that we give her a call. “She might have some interesting stories to share with you.”

Laying in bed, wide awake, unsettled and absolutely lost; we wondered what lies ahead of us, we wondered how Luo Papa is at home, we wondered…

Shot on Canon by Koh

Your spare change, even if it’s just $1, would help us go further

Perhaps it was the looming sense of doom that Luo Papa’s journey may just end on us.
Perhaps it was the tiredness of everything that has been happening.
Perhaps it was the overwhelming feeling of being “lost”.

All it took was one question from Vicky, “How has the journey been for you so far?”

We didn’t know how to answer her.
We didn’t know how to convey our disappointment from the turn of events.
We didn’t know where to go, what to do next even…

Listen to your heart
Return to your intentions

What a reminder.

We started this project with nothing – no website, no cameras, no gear, no cash no bicycles even. All we had was Luo Papa’s story; and our intention – that with one dream shared, another gets inspired.

Yet with this intention, we went from nothing, to everything we needed to set off – bicycles, clothes, shoes, panniers, cameras, and even air tickets to go around the world. With only our intention, we got this far.

Somewhere along the way, we seemed to have forgotten. Maybe we got caught up with chasing Luo Papa’s dream with him. Maybe we got caught up in all the drama that was happening around us. Maybe we got lost in our journey, we forgot why we were on this journey in the first place.

And then Vicky comes along and smacks us in the face, “Listen to your hearts”.

The heart never forgets.
It just gets muted by the noise around us.
But if we were to just listen.
We will remember.

We will remember our intentions.
And we can move forward –
To meet one more person
To document one more dream
To share one more story
So that one more gets inspired.








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