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A week of saying, "Thank You"

It’s been a week of roller coaster rides this first week of 2010 – why, it’s only been a week! Yet so many things have happened that I’ve caught myself not being able to breathe sometimes.

After a long day of meetings today, I came home, sat behind my laptop and was going to launch into my sponsorship emails when I looked up and saw this:

For a moment in time, I allowed myself to take in the rainbow in its full beauty. I took a deep breath and could smell the rain. A breeze came in through the window and I felt it kiss my cheeks… And then I saw this:

I saw the second rainbow. Faint and almost invisible, yet always there. Just like the goodness in every situation – regardless of how difficult times may be; hard to find yet no doubt, always there.

I took that moment to quietly say my thanks, especially for the goodness that exists, no matter how crabby the situation. So “Thank You” for letting me realise that…

  • “S*** happens” But hey, I found my 2nd rainbow today
  • getting rants from the housing agent and having her “leave us in the lurch” was a blessing in disguise, because now we have clearer communications and room for discussions directly with the landlord
  • it’s ok to share our dreams with anyone and be honest about our plans, even with the landlord, because that’s how we found out that he’s a cyclist, and got his understanding of why we need to give this beautiful space up to live this dream
  • trusting our friends with our feelings, even when having difficult discussions builds trust. And a little trust goes a long way
  • adidas’ rejection was a lesson in crafting sponsorship requests – “Cycling is not our main category”. I need to write requests that truly echos “Sponsor a Dream, Inspire another”
  • Ah Ma’s hospital stay is a wake-up call to spend more time with my family before I leave
  • Ah Ma’s words of wisdom reminded me of how blessed we are to even know what our dreams our and take steps to realise them. Our grandparents and parents lived in eras where dreams are unheard of. I am so very very blessed
  • when I remember to breathe and give thanks, blessings big and small are everywhere

Blessing 1:

The Traveler's Cheque

Thank you, Tan Mei. Though we’ve never met, but you write about your dreams with such conviction…It heartens me to know that there are people like you out there supporting our endeavours. When Tay showed me the cheque you wrote to her, I was speechless. You said you’d travel like us, too, if you can. In saying thanks, we’ve named this cheque, “The Traveler’s Cheque” 🙂

Blessing 2:
A very nice couple came to our house, fixed our broken tap and gave me a pair of knee guards (“so that you can fall nicely!”)

Dear Swee and Nigel, you’ve been with us through this week’s ups and downs. I am grateful for every conversation we’ve had. “We always get exactly what we want, all the time.” 😛 For all of these and more, thank you.

Blessing 3:
A complete stranger came up to me and said, “I’ve seen your site and read about your project. Would you like to have my cycling pants? I’ve never worn them before. And email me a list of things you need. I’ll pass them around my friends who are enthusiasts. I’m sure we can find you something. And if you’re selling your tortoise, I’ll buy it.”

Dear Shireen, for your “not-shy-ness” and support from this big big heart, thank you.

Fund a Dream, Inspire another!

Fund a Dream, Inspire another