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Building Confidence from Fitness, First

During our first meeting with Sarah, she gave us our Fitness First packages in return for our commitment to “train as hard as we could”.

She wasn’t the only person who knew that we needed training. We were very, very, acutely, aware that we needed help. We just didn’t know how much help, and how ill-prepared our bodies are for this project until…

Reality was thrown to us in the face:

Both our fitness levels were far, far below where we needed to be.
The ex-marathon runner was nowhere in shape.
The exempted from PE girl turned blue just from the warm-up run.
22 days.

We don’t even know where to start. Even reality show contestants have at least 3 months to complete their tasks. What were we thinking???

Yet, our trainers, Gordon and Ivan took all these information in stride.

“We read your website… Wow. We want to help.”
“You have your goals, we’ll discuss amongst ourselves and give you each a personalized training plan to follow. And we will be here.”

There and then, we realized – these 2 strangers whom we’ve met for the first time have complete faith in us.
Despite the surreal timeline, our ridiculous fitness (or lack thereof) levels, and our seemingly impossible goals, they have complete faith in us. They honestly believed that we could do it.

And with that faith, we reported for our personal training sessions over the next couple of days:

We know.

You must be thinking –
First, they were barely balancing on their tiny bicycles.
Next, they were barely breathing from their fitness tests.
Now, they could hardly complete their training sessions.
Are they for real?

We know.

Yet, we have confidence. Yes, we have confidence. We have confidence because we know we are well supported by organisations and people who gave us their all. We have confidence because we haven’t given up. And above all of that, we have confidence because we have already taken that first step:

“I’ve always had the perception that gyms are filled with gung-ho muscle-man trainers who growl and bark at you. And mine turned out to be this BFG (big friendly giant), who puts heart into his training, who believes in me more than I do…which gives me no reason to think that I cannot do this.” – Val

“He (Ivan) knew that we had only 22 days left to train. I thought it was as good as nothing. He told me we’d make the best out of it. And I know we will.” – Tay

Thank you Fitness First, for taking that leap of faith to “invest” in us.
Thank you Sarah, for making us make a commitment.
And above all of that, thank you, Gordon and Ivan – for you helped us believe in us.