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Collecting our bicycles – The Joy, The Worry, The Challenge

Finally! We collected our bicycles from Rodalink. As you can see, happiness was jumping off our faces. It was like Eddy the Santa Claus came down the chimney and left us both a present. And then we became two little girls tearing away at the packaging from their new toys. We were overjoyed and we cannot describe how much.

And you know what, with this gift, these bicycles, we are ready to set off. We CAN set off. We CAN embark on our dream to document inspirational stories from around the world. So thank you Eddy, thank you Rodalink. Thank you for the Christmas gift that made the difference…

“The bicycles I’ve ridden…were always someone else’s – my brother’s, my cousin’s, my friend’s… This is the first time I am feeling like a little girl who have just gotten a new toy; this is the first bicycle I can call my own.” – Tay

Val is terrified of cycling…

“I flew (literally) from my bike one evening when I went riding with my brother and Dad many many years ago. I broke my arm. My Dad banned me from cycling thereafter. I was young enough to be banned, that was how long ago it was. Nowadays, I still have hairs stand on ends down my entire spine when I get on a bike. My mind wanders to the very moment when I flew off my bike and everything stood still while I flew past – wooooooosh!”

“Hearing Eddy say that they will sponsor our bicycles is one thing. Seeing the actual bicycles in their boxes is a whole new level of commitment. So I’m writing down my commitment to Eddy, to Rodalink, to Tay, and to everyone else who are rooting for us – I will set off on my bicycle. This time round, when I fall, I will get up and try again.” – Val

Yes we live on the 5th floor of an old old walk-up apartment.
No lifts.
That’s 66 steps up.

We conquered those stairs day 1 when we moved into our home office, with furniture.
We conquered those stairs many days with filming equipment and props.
We conquered those stairs weekly, with groceries like 5kg rice.

And everytime we start climbing the stairs, we stand on the ground floor, look up and…

Yet, we conquered those stairs with our 13kg bicycles – one step at a time.

And in 14 days’ time, we are conquering the world on these very same 13kg bicycles –
One story at a time.

After all, “One Dream Shared, One Dream Inspired.