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The despairing bicycle recce

Honestly, when we say we know nothing about cycling, we really don’t.

To me, cycling simply means hopping onto a bike and cycle.

I know there are different kinds of bikes: road bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes, etc.

But what purpose does it each of them serve?  No idea.

So, when we wanted to look for a bicycle sponsor, we were clueless who to go to and what exactly to ask for.

Hence, we did it the only way we know how.

Step 1:

Google for a bicycle shop in Singapore…

We found OCBC Cycle 2010.

And we decided to check out the sponsors for the event.

And hence we found POLYGON, the official bike sponsor and found out that they have a a shop front in Singapore called RODALINK.

Step 2:

Go to the shop front and ask the professionals for advice.

Initially I had reservations because of the fact that we have no money to buy a bike, so a certain extent, we might be deemed as wasting the shop assistant’s time.

But, we can’t be sitting around and waiting for the bike to drop from the sky, so we off we go to Rodalink in Jurong.

There were rows and rows of bicycles...

Which is the right one for our trip?

The shop assistant spotted two girls looking very lost in their shop and asked if he could help.

And we told him, “We are going cycling around Taiwan and then hopefully around the world.  And we are looking for a suitable bicycle to do that.”

He said, “What kind of terrain would you be cycling on?”

We shook our heads.  No idea.

We were grateful that the kind soul did not brush us off.  Instead he said, “Let me get you a couple of bikes to try out then.”

"You'd never know if the bike is right for you unless you try riding on it."

Val mounted on the bike and realized something that caused our hearts to sink a little….

"I can barely reach the handles! My feet can't reach the ground!!"

All the bike frames are too big for her.

"We'll need to saw the frame, change the wheels to smaller ones..."

The verdict:

Val will need a customized bike so that she can feel comfortable cycling.

Our focus flew from the bicycles to the price of a customized bike.  “What are our chances of getting a sponsorship now?  What if we don’t get the sponsorship, where are we going to get the money to get a customized bike which must be expensive??”

The recommended bike frame for women - Little Wing

We really liked the white frame and the name is in Val’s words, “So romantic!” BUT we were worried about the price.

We asked for the price of Little Wing:

SGD $2,200 for one bike frame

Our hearts sank and then stopped.

GOSH... SGD $2,200 per frame...and that's only the frame!

We told ourselves, “The most important thing is to feel safe on the bike.” It felt like safety was something money could buy.

We took a deep breath and proceed to ask about the possibilities of a sponsorship. Najip and Suhali didn’t even flinch. In a way, we though they might get fed-up with us. After all, they spent a good hour explaining the basics of selecting a suitable bicycle, letting us try different frames, changing seat poles etc. And it turned out that we didn’t even have the money for a wheel. Honestly, we felt bad.

Yet… They gave us a number to call. Those 8 digits were our glimmer of hope amongst the deep despair.

So, fingers crossed.  Let’s hope we get a positive response on the sponsorship.

‘to be continued…

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Fund a Dream, Inspire another