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We got connected!

Where we left off in Japan:
We left our last Japan’s post on working at University of Tokyo, Todai (see post here). People commented to us, “You’d think that 2 girls cycling around the world – WOW! And then you’d expect to see action photos on their website; but instead, here’s this huge plug plugged into the power point with the caption – Free-to-use power supply. It makes you think and wonder – what else have we taken for granted in our lives?

Yes, on this journey, there are many “daily necessities” – from off-the-tap drinking water to electricity that do not come simply by turning on the tap or plugging into a nearby socket. We learnt to appreciate daily comforts many of us had taken for granted.

On the other hand, we seemed to become more in touch with a forgotten, yet innate quality in the human race – kindness. Think about it for a moment. People do enjoy helping people. It is empowering to give. And it is this kindness that got us connected, figuratively and literally in Japan…

One of our topmost priorities in any new place would be internet connection – how else could we update the website, email relevant organisations and Couchsurf?

We thought that Japan, Tokyo, one of the most connected cities in the world would have wifi access freely and readily available. We thought wrong. See why in our Japan Day 2 Post here.

For a while, we survived on using our host’s family’s internet access in the wee hours of the night, after the children had gone to bed, so that we’d not disturb the family.  During those windows of access, we’d seek out communications rental companies and write to them for sponsored usb datacards and mobile phone.

One of the companies we wrote to was Global Advanced Communications. Our friend, Yuki then helped us follow up with a phone call and upon understanding our project, they made arrangements to send us our communication package – no second thoughts or questions asked!

One evening after a long day’s work at Todai,  we returned to our host’s home to find a package waiting for us (click on the photo thumbnails to view the full-sized photos):

To the many organisations and their people; as well as the individuals who have helped us take so many steps to reach here – Thank you. You have helped us realised, that on top of inspiring dreams, this is a journey of gratitude, too.