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Chinitas’ Auntie Ling – The “Asian” Flavors of Life

Perhaps it was the “Free Wi-Fi” sign that drew us into the Chinitas. For 12Q a pot of tea that was shared between us, we plonked ourselves in Chinitas to work on our laptops for our first couple of days in Guatemala – Tay working on the videos and Val working on emails to build […]

Panajachel Colegio Internacional – A Door of Hope

Guatemala Dream 002

Our journey in Guatemala began with an awkward silence. A silence that hushed us from asking the question, “What is your dream?” here. The story of Lemar’s “I don’t want to think about that (her dream)” and a young Guatemalan boy’s “Shit you” left us wondering – is there any point of this project in […]

Thank you for S*H*I*T

Little Guatemalan Boy

We are grateful for… The fact that we are beginning this list of gratitude. Despite having the poverty, the desperateness of everything and everyone get to us in a way that makes us almost “pek cek (frustrated)”. Ok, VERY pek cek. We’ve had the words “Shit.” “You.” stumbled out of the mouth of a hardly […]

Mayan Homestay Experience – “Lemar”, cual es tu sueño?

When we were making decisions to travel through Latin America, we decided that we’d take shuttles/buses whenever we have to cross borders. Having to transport our equipment, bicycles and ourselves safely across immigration was simply not worth the risk. And so, we got into Lake Atitlan, Guatemala from San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico; […]

El permiso por un sueño

El Permiso Por Un Sueño Somos dos mujeres Singapurenses dando la vuelta al mundo en bicicletas para recoger sueños de las personas para compartir en nuestra página web. América Latina es nuestro cuarto escalafón en esta gran jornada, antes estuvimos en Taiwan, Japón y Hawai. Después de haber viajado por México, estaremos manejando las bicicletas […]