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Thank You – Sound Effects from

The web series Dreams Unlimited uses many sounds from Freesound. Thank you very very much for gifting our films texture and perspective and realism with your creations.

Cartoon pop by AlaskaRobotics
DramaticStabs.wav by Sclolex
Bomb countdown.wav by Erokia
Car – seatbelt warning.wav by soundmary
L-train.wav by nmgproduct
tube closing door & announcement.wav by arnaud coutancier
lightning.mp3 by Taira Komori
ominous 0R_41mi by Setuniman
rbh NYC subway pass.wav by RHumphries
Day_1.wav by copyc4t
Fire Alarm by AdamWeeden
Death Piano.wav by gcmax
Passenger plane landing right overhead by Hoscalegeek
typing.aif by MAJ061785
White Noise.wav by ShawnyBoy
tv on hum off.wav by ERH
OhDearScare.wav by TheGoliath
children_yeah_long_and_laugh.mp3 by totya
shing.wav by copyc4t
Alarm Clock.wav by bcginn
ding30603-spedup.wav by theta4
rbh Applause 05 big.WAV by RHumphries
heart beat increasing 116642.wav by klankbeeld
00883 bank stamp 2.wav by Robinhood76
19 ASCEND.mp3 by mojomills
Applause 3 by unfa
OH-YEAH 001.wav by sandyrb
Question Mark.wav by Augdog
jawharp_boing.wav by plingativator
drawing tablet pen writing.mp3 by orginaljun
drawing_1-2.aif by acrober
Pops-MouthPops-Snaps_by-monnie101.wav by monnie101
page turns.aif by trundlefly
atpost.wav by RDB
Ding Ding Small Bell.wav by JohnsonBrandEditing
Bike Falling on Concrete.wav by plivesey
writing_with_bold_marker ( by artykris
Barrel Break 4.wav by kevinkace
THE CRASH.wav by sandyrb
WritingMarker.wav by fastson
Writing on cardboard with a pencil by asafsagi
Drawing.wav by sonsdebarcelona
marker medium streep.aif by badvibezproductionz
babyboylaughing.wav by NoiseCollector
Baby laugh1.flac by bennstir
Baby Crying by panikko
Truck starts and stops_edit.wav by FreqMan
Ocean by KaiLietzke
Camera Shutter by roachpowder
SweepingWithLargeBroom.aif by klakmart
Page Turn by davidbain
Railroad Crossing Signal – Shanghai China.wav by RTB45
whistling.wav by grrlrighter
BigTruckWithHornWhistleAndSiren.wav by daveincamas
Steam Train.wav by Benboncan
marker.wav by skynproduction
Bicycle Horn by AntumDeluge
heartbeats.wav by fuzzpapi
Among some trees.wav by Kyster
20130426_hueznar.wav by dobroide
growing_plant.wav by MaxDemianAGL
Vinyl rewind by TasmanianPower
Boing.wav by juskiddink
bells.wav by psynaptix
Bubble bell.wav by chipfork
keyboard5.wav by jim-ph
021023 bicycle.wav by metamorphmuses
Bike Bell.wav by bsumusictech
bicycle ride clean.wav by klankbeeld