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a project to go AROUND THE WORLD

When we had the idea to do this project, we wanted to see if there were already people out there, as “mad” as the 2 of us, who’ve already done something similar. So we googled for “I Believe That Dreams Can Come True”, and plenty of sites came up. There were sites where people collected inspirational stories, quotes, even T-shirts…simply as a reminder to everyone out there – dreams do come true.

For some reason, we were moved. There are people out there, who share the same belief as us.

It was comforting as much as it was heartening.

For those same reasons, we want to bring you the same comfort, the same motivation and strength to keep persevering:

That someday, perhaps you were worn…or even jaded
You chance upon us, and you read/saw a dream come true story
And that person had dreams, like you did
And you find comfort, in knowing

That somewhere out there
In some corner of this earth
Someone had dreams coming true
And something in you stir
Stirred enough for you to take one more step
Even if it’s just a tiny one

And it may be that step
That makes all the difference

Around The World

“There is strength in numbers;
There is hope in a united belief.”