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a project to INSPIRE DREAMS

“We don’t set out to build a wall.
You don’t say I want to build the greatest wall of all time.
You start by laying bricks – one at a time.”

– Will Smith

Inspiring dreams is the core motivation for this project. When an old Taiwanese gentleman, Luo Papa‘s dream inspired us to start this project, we hoped, in one way or another – our energy (re)ignites that passion in you the same way Luo Papa‘s spirit moved us.

One dream shared; one dream inspired.
It was a hope, an aspiration we wish to achieve. So we decided to try it out.

We invited 6 beautiful people to dinner – for a night of sharing, listening; a night to inspire and be inspired.

Belinda Lee – To be able to dance is her childhood dream. This childhood dream was manifested when she hosted the TV series “Come Dance With Me” for Singapore television. Not only did she dance, she traveled to 13 different countries to learn 13 different dances from 13 different cultures and walks of life.

Dear Belinda,
The first time I saw you dance tango, I saw a passion being ignited and a beautiful dancer came alive. Keep dancing.
– Tay

Jayne Tang – To her, belly dancing is the empowerment of womanhood. And Jayne’s dream is to have a dance center where women come together to dance in celebration of their own beauty, their own power and their own truth.

Jayne said that she has been waiting – for the right time, the right opportunity and the right finances to let her dream become a reality.

Yet when we ask Jayne: “Would you like to open the night with a dance?”

There was no waiting. Without hesitation, she packed her performance suitcase and lugged them from her home, took the public train and bus, climbed the 66 steps to our house…all the time fully geared in her belly dance outfit. When we opened the door, Jayne grinned at us dripping in perspiration: “I’m ready!”

Dear Jayne,
The pride in your craft, the passion of what you believe in – touched us deeply. And we silently hope the stage that night gave you the impetus to jump start your dream.

Wong Sin Yee – Her dream mirrors Belinda’s. She wants to dance, to let her dance bring her to places, around the world. Belinda asked, “Do you believe that Dreams Can Come True?” She shook her head and Belinda shares, “Come Dance with Me was conceived without my involvement. It became a reality because someone saw my passion, someone saw my dream.”

Dear Sin Yee,
Believing does not require money, time…or even approval from anybody. Believing starts with a decision made. Believing starts within yourself. Anytime you are ready, the world would be ready for you, too.

Derrick Ang – We met Derrick on the first reality TV series we produced, “P.S. I’m Sorry”. He came onto the program with a sincere apology to say to his father, for all the wrongs that he did in the past. For 5 years, Derrick had not been able to step into his own home. Derrick’s greatest wish is for his father to accept his apology, to go home and be his father’s son again.

He did. On the day of the dinner, his father gave him the key to their home.

Dear Derrick,
Thank you for persevering despite the many odds along the way. Your story has been a constant reminder to us. The same way you’ve taught us to persevere, we’d like to gently remind you of your further dreams – please, don’t give up.

Paul Liew – He is only 25 years old this year. 4 years ago, when he was studying in SMU, he took a year off from his studies to pursue his dream: to make chewy brownies.

A stall was set up in Hougang with a makeshift oven. He was determined to master the craft of making chewy brownies. He survived on $2 meals everyday so that the shop could “bleed” longer.

Today, Paul is the proud owner of a nationwide “Brownie movement, Cookie revolution”. P.Osh situated in Doby Gaut is now looking to expand business and has even embarked on social missions to help the less fortunate.

Dear Paul,
I remember tasting brownie after brownie during seminars in schools. I remember applauding your guts for taking time off school to pursue your dreams; and secretly wishing I had those guts, too. I remember buying “suspicious looking brown things in transparent boxes” to support a friend. And now, I proudly serve my guests P.Osh brownies made by my friend. Thank you for taking time, and thank you for your selfless sharing. I look forward to seeing your brownies in the neighbourhood soon!

Alex Lim – A delinquent who had his own gang of brothers, Alex’d never dream of getting a college education. Yet with faith and determination, Alex is now a national youth ambassador who gives talks to delinquents and had started his freshman year in college. Having made one dream come true, he is now embarking on the next dream – to own his own restaurant.

Dear Alex,
We invited you, thinking that perhaps you’d be able to benefit from Paul’s sharing. Truth is, you never fail to inspire the moment you speak. And that night, many of us benefited from conversations with you instead. So cheers to that ever-ready support, friendship, and your restaurant for friends!

We sat through dinner, watching and listening to everyone sharing their dreams, mesmerized at the magic going round the table. The magic of how one dream can inspire another.

There seemed to be a new energy buzzing in the room: an anticipation. An anticipation for something greater, an anticipation to be someone greater. An anticipation that:
Yes! Dreams do come true!

At midnight, everyone had gone home, and we were left tingling with gratitude.
Thank you everyone.
Thank you for not saying no to your dreams.
Thank you for helping us lay our first layer of bricks, simply by sharing.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Inspiring Dreams

16 Dec 2009

17 Dec 2009

17 Dec 2009

Inspire a dream:
Help us fill up this “INSPIRE” wall with bricks of your names.
Leave us a comment in this post and share with us what your dream is.

“One dream shared. One dream inspired.”
What’s your dream?

23 Responses to “a project to INSPIRE DREAMS”

  1. Reshmi says:

    my dream is to be a Astronaut and be with my special one!! =)
    i wish it comes true!
    and i am working for it!
    so fingers crossed!
    may all your dreams come online!

  2. :3 says:

    i wish to make fun n share happiness by the my talent of music n design 🙂
    it’s all about l o v e!


  3. Ili Ezmira says:

    I dream to travel the world by backpacking with a few good friends to achieve new knowledge about different cultures and lifestyles all over the world.
    That is my dream 😀

  4. James Lee says:



  5. Lawrence Koh says:

    To gain international recognition as a multi-disciplinary artist who can sing, act, and dance! At the same time giving my family and I a financially comfortable life filled with happiness and good health each day!

  6. Scott says:

    My dream is to be a professional footballer and a writer, ia trying my best

  7. Jake says:

    My dream is to travel the world and to experience the little things in life.

  8. Kay says:

    My dream is to bean artist. Unfortunately throughout these few years of secondary school and pre-U education, I haven’t pursued my dream due to practicality issues. Even if i wouldn’t be an artist for occupation, deep inside me I’ll always be one.

  9. Rodney Low Yong Chuan says:

    My dream is to spend more time with my beloved son Kenrick Low Hao Rong. Though he is not staying with me but I am happy that my dream came true that almost every saturday without fail we spend special together. Though my ex wife and I had divorce, the child is still innocent. I will dream one day he will come back and stay with me instead. I want to hold him tight everyday and give encouragement to him whenever he is stress and down. Though 7 hours every saturday from 10am to 5pm, I still find not enough as a father to the child. I pray that this dreams will come true one day. That my target and move on with life.

  10. My dream is to enter 2010 will effortlessness, grace and wisdom, to become a leader in my workplace, to become the wife of my fiancee in a beautiful union, and fall pregnant by the last quarter of 2010. I also dream to be able to support people who have performance anxiety through my practice Live Journey, which I run part time whenever someone comes..I dream that the consciousness of ease and grace continues to strip away the story of humanity’s collective belief systems, leaving more and more people in absolute awareness of who we truly are.. I dream that people choose to become the change they wish to see in the world which serves the environment, and the health of our ecosystems, and that the global economy supports those countries in need, and conspicuous consumption becomes recognised an obstacle to global healing for the earth’s sake. I also dream that conspicuous consumption consciousness is forgiven and forgives itself. My dream is that my family to be is healthy and wholesome in themselves, and that they live a long and happy life in health and well being. I am sincerely grateful for the support you provide to the many thousands of people who have, and are yet to share their dreams with your cause.
    With love,
    Jacqueline (Melbourne, Australia)

  11. Han Kee says:

    My dream is to travel to as many countries as possible within my life. I want to explore different cultural background of each religion, ethnics and countries in the earth : p

  12. Stefanie Loh says:

    I wish that i will be able to do well for N’s and i hope that my cancer would
    not relapse and will be fully be in remission. I wish that i would be free of stress
    and that my parents would not argue over trivial matters!!

  13. Anthony Wu says:

    My Ultimate Dream is to seek the truth in life!!

  14. My dream is to be famous and help more people.

  15. JuLiA says:

    My dream is to open an orphanage. i would like to share my love, to share the world that i see to the less fortunate kids. to let them know that there’s hope. you are not abandon. you are loved & loveable.

    i always think what to name for my orphanage when its ready
    this morning when i wake up. sunshine came into my mind. & i know that’s the name i want it. sunshine home for all the sunshine kids ^ _ ^

    i believe that all of our dreams will come true.

    let’s work it out together.

    Jai You!! Jia You!! Jia You!!

  16. Ryan Huan says:

    Everyone has a dream and I hope mine will be fulfilled just like everyone out there.

    I always dream to owns a Backpacker’s lodge that able to gather backpackers around the world. A place where backpackers can share their experience, fun, laughter, tips. It’ll also be a place that backpackers will call their home.

    I’ll working towards this dream and I will make this dream come through no matter wat!!

  17. Us says:

    Dear all,

    Thank you for the “no-hesitation” support! 🙂 We’ve 16 names to date and have updated the “INSPIRE” wall accordingly. Help us spread the word – tell your family, friends, and even some strangers. Fill up the wall 🙂

    Tay and Val

  18. Fianne Lee says:

    I dream of being able to utilise whatever talents that I have to influence the world for the better, even if only a little. I dream of a world without hunger, a world without discrimination, a world where no-one is left out, a world with compassion and mercy, a world that shares, and above all a world of love. God bless us all.

  19. junehapi says:

    From young my dad love to play those cassett and tht influent my interest in music..
    so in childhood time my interest was to sing and perform..
    *until now my old neighbour still rmb the little me which sang and dance Guo Fu Cheng song.. rmb? 愛愛愛不完~ hahaha

    although i am not singer non a performer..
    but now I am, singing everyday and making the ppl around me smiling with my words & funny action..
    I didn’t did those on purpose but it just naturally give them a smile on their face saying I am juz so funny..
    and usually they will give mi remarks like I am so bubbly, sunshine, cheerful and fun to get along..

    well.. i dun mind being laughted or being their so call “奇怪的人” as long it didn’t hurt anyone feeling =)

    u know, we just gotta be ourselve, darn to speak our mind and not keeping all the feeling to our own or juz be wat others hope we could be.
    *hate for who u are than be loved for who u’re not.

    till now, i still love to inspire ppl and being inspired by others too!
    it is juz so meaningful to see someone dreams coming true ^ ^

    ( ” , )Smile!

  20. Tan Mei says:

    My utmost Dream is to challenge myself to act a ‘solid role’ on the Big Screen. It is not the pursuit of fame or glamour, but rather I’m chasing my Dream… Afterall, I started stage acting when I was 14, first appeared on TV drama (already a speaking role) in 1998… I’ve seen it all and done it all except for film… and my passion for acting has never ceased burning then… I’m grateful to Tay for giving me the opportunity to act as a main cast in a TV docudrama directed by herself and feel really honoured that I’m able to work with her on her last project before she leaves to pursue her 2010 expedition… I’m impressed by the Courage and Perseverance of Tay and Val to pursue their dream… how they are able to Awaken the Dreamer in us and Inspire us to seek actions to Pursue Our Dreams again… WELL DONE GALS! YOU HAVE MY BLESSINGS!

  21. Wen Hui says:

    My Dream is for everyone to see each other for who they truly are, so that people will let go of what’s superficial and live the way they want.

    Degrees shouldn’t represent Capability, Money shouldn’t represent Happiness, Play shouldn’t represent Laze.

    Everyone whom I’ve opened my heart to says I’m idealistic, but it’s not Idealism, it’s Confidence. Even if the World doesn’t change, my World will, because I hold faith in my Belief.

    I have another Dream. Someone important to me has a wall caging her. She has beautiful dreams, but she can’t fly out of her prison. So I dream to tear away her wall. I’m working on it everyday. =)

  22. Great article and very interesting blog. That’s one thing I’m really looking for. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  23. james says:

    I was diagnosed with autism when i was 5 years old and i attended a specal school with my twin brother who also has autism. I used to wear splints and orthopedic boots on my legs because my tendons were very tight because i walked on tiptoes all the time. I couldnt read or write and i didnt understand the world very well.I discoverd disco dancing when i was 8 years old and it became my life. i dont need the splints anymore and i can read and write just like everyone else. i dont need to go to a special school anymore…and i have discovered ballet…my dream is to be a classical balelt dancer one day and dance all over the world and share my dream with others…if i can inspire just one person to go and live their dream..i will be happy. i am 11 years old.