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a project DESPITE Without A Cent

“I’ve had one regret too many. I had a childhood dream to paint -beautiful pictures that would travel the world and tell stories with me. By the time I had my paintings displayed in the national art museum, art school was a dream separated from me by money – so near yet so far. My family had no money to send me to the “atas” schools to paint. They’d frown at me “doodling my time away” because I should be studying, like everyone else. It’s the safer thing to do. My mum would tell me to study first, get a decent degree, then find a decent job; earn enough money and save enough money, and then, you can paint all you want. Like any child yearning for approval, I did as told – got into the top schools, got a degree, found a job… and forgot how to paint. I chose to forget this overdue dream. Every time I stare at a blank canvas… it was a painful reminder of how being realistic, being practical can destroy dreams.”
– Val

“We don’t want to be mediocre.
We want to INSPIRE.”

Words that came only after (almost) violent “discussions” and (almost) painful decisions.

We remember dancing around excitedly in Taiwan when the idea of project I Believe That Dreams Can Come True struck us. On the train on our way to the airport, the eager anticipation and excitement had slowly turned to an unspoken apprehension both of us were trying very hard to ignore.

Reality caught up with us by the time we touched down in Singapore, and we both knew there was a pressing concern we had to face…


We needed money to jump start project I Believe That Dreams Can Come True. Money for…

Without A Cent

There was also the “daily commitments” we needed to take care of. Money to pay…
The rent for our home office.
The bills of well, basically everything.
The loans we took to start this production company.
The invoices from our first TV Production project.
Tay’s loans for The Journey workshops.
Val’s loans for her university education.
Our day-to-day livelihood.

Sounds familiar?

We are no different from you who are reading this post. It was tempting. Too tempting in fact.

Our first TV Production had enough success for the TV station to extend a similar series. That would give us the money needed to cover our “daily commitments”; and we could save up for project I Believe That Dreams Can Come True. We were definitely tempted to take up the offer.

“We can take up this TV station project and spend all our time, effort etc. earning this sum of money. But that would leave us with no resources to prepare for our dream project. What’s the point?
– Tay

This is the age-old, tried-and-tested path many had taken – find a “proper job”, earn enough money, save enough money and then go chase your dreams; IF by then, you don’t already have other commitments like a marriage, a mortgage, a car loan, some children…you get the idea.

The one thing that stopped so many people, us included, from taking that first step towards their dreams is money. We then spend half our lives chasing this money…and by the time we really “earned enough, saved enough”, the dream had already been overdue..and forgotten.

Isn’t it funny? Are you like that, too?

We decided to break out of this cycle.
Enough of waiting to earn and save enough money.
Enough of doing everything else but living our dreams in order to find money.
Enough procrastination. Enough playing safe. Enough regrets.

We are going to live our dreams, i.e. create a sustainable livelihood out from this dream project.
We are doing to let our dreams fund us instead.

And through this website’s videos, writings and photos –

We are going to show you HOW.

Yes, we have daily commitments, we have bills and more to pay, we have debt like everyone else.
No, we do not have savings in the bank accounts; for that matter, we do not have a single cent in our pockets.

Yet, we will still live our dreams.
I Believe That Dreams Can Come True
A project that has already happened
Without A Cent