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24 Hours Cycling Challenge Fundraiser – becoming the person we want to be

We had grand ideas for the 24 Hours Cycling Challenge Fundraiser.

We wanted to challenge our physical limits – If we can cycle for 24 hours, we can do anything. We can cycle around the world.

We wanted to create awareness – If we stream the entire process “live”, people would be drawn in to watch, and help us spread “I Believe That Dreams Can Come True”.

We wanted to raise funds – 24 Hours = 1440 Minutes. If we could get people to adopt all 1440 minutes, we would have funds for the project.

Even though only 1 minute out of the 1440 minutes were adopted on the eve of the challenge, we were confident and optimistic that the event will turn out great.

17 March 2010, 2200Hrs:
We finally got home from a entire day of meetings and sponsorship presentations.

17 March 2010, 2230Hrs:
Tay was in the kitchen preparing fried rice, sandwiches, snacks and drinks for the challenge. Val was setting up the “live” streaming equipment in the living room.

18 March 2010, Midnight:
2 pots of brown rice fried, dozens of rye bread sandwiches made, water bottles all filled up.

Webcam set up, computer switched on, website loaded…

Live streaming – not happening.

18 March 2010, 0300Hrs:
Troubleshooting successful. We wore our Linebreak Compression attire and went to sleep.

18 March 2010, 1000Hrs:
Strapped on to Polar Heart Rate Monitors, we mounted our bikes and clicked “Start Broadcasting”. We went “Live”:

We were obviously not thinking when we decided to do this. Just 5 days before the challenge, we barely scrapped through the 31km in East Coast Park in 2.5 hours.  That is nothing compared to cycling for 24 hours. Our bodies were slowly, but surely giving way…

In that one moment when I can no longer bend nor straighten my knee without whimpering with excruciating pain; my heart stopped, my world collapsed. I told myself: “I am not going to let anyone, or anything stop me from completing this challenge.” Then Val says: “Listen to your body. Do not sacrifice the entire journey ahead for the 24 hours now.”

I stopped, tears flowed.  Tears that refused to admit defeat because I was out to prove people who do not believe in us wrong.  And deep down within, I know its takes greater courage to say: “I stop now, at 14th hour”. It takes greater courage to stay true to our intentions to inspire dreams.  And with greatest support from Val, I made a decision to stop at the 14th hour.  To our dear family, friends and supporters, I want to say: “We are not going out there to kill ourselves.  You and I know that, by being able to say: “I stop now”, I have learnt to love and take care of myself.” – Tay

“Yes we’ve only managed to get one minute adopted. Yes we cycled for 10 hours with no funds raised. Yes whatever grand ideas we had fell short, and we barely contributed to whatever we had hoped for the project. Yet in those 16 hours, we learnt many lessons. Lessons of strength, resilience, courage and humility.

We have been preparing for the project for the past 6 months. In those 16 hours, everything we’d prepared were put to test. In those 16 hours, we became the person we want to be.” – Val