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A label with ♥

It all started from a very special email…

Maybe it’s the rejections,
“Cycling is not our main category.”
“Why don’t you leave your name and contact number and I’ll see if the marketing department wants to call you back?”
“Our budget is fully committed for the year.”
When we posted a public appeal out on the website for shoes, it felt like a last-ditch attempt.

And when we received this email from PUMA less than 5 hours later, our hearts filled with a warm fuzzy feeling:

Firstly, they saw our project as something “special”.
Secondly, they said it’s an “honor” for them to be part of it.
Thirdly, they asked if it was “convenient” for us to drop by their outlets.

In a way, it felt that whoever we were meant to work with, were only people who would offer us loving support. And we mean this in all ways and forms possible…

A label backed by people
Because they allowed us to choose whatever we need, all SGD806 worth of it…
and in addition to that,
they gave us tickets to the “DA Final Frame Party”,
so that “you can give them to people who donate to you, to encourage more people to support you.”
Because they helped us find all the available XS and S sized apparels in the store,
and when they couldn’t find them in the store, they called other outlets and got the people there to search further.
Because Qian, the Marketing Exec came to the store personally, “just to make sure everything’s alright and see if there’s anything else I can do.”

A label designed for people

We’ve got a confession to make: we’ve never owned a single PUMA all our lives.
It’s a brand one would associate with fashion rather than sports. Yet they do have a well-stocked range of sports apparel. Contrary to popular belief, the stuff are not just lookers, they are functional, too…

…and as far as we are concerned, “We ♥ our shoes!” Finally, no more walking/running/training in sneakers with no support!

“Cycling with these tights, I know I don’t have to worry about cloth/pants getting caught in the pedals. I’m not paranoid. It’s a genuine concern. Doesn’t anybody think about things like these?” — Val
We know PUMA did.

Moisture Management – We did an experiment and “hang out” in the afternoon sun, just to see how long it takes for perspiration to dry. The verdict: no time at all.

This has a built in bra. So that’s one less thing to worry about – We read a blog post of a group of travelling cyclist that went, “having laundry to wash and hoping it dries on time”. Why, PUMA gave us one less thing to carry, one less thing to wash!

This apparel has been specifically sized to better fit the Asian body – And that’s how you know a label has its people first. In Val’s words, “他们是有用心的咯!” (roughly translated as: They used their hearts!)

Suitable For
Standing at a bus stop
A fun night out
Serious sporting use
Meeting an Ex for tea
Some light gardening

“Let’s face it – first impressions matter. I know people I meet will more likely be receptive, will more likely be open, and will more likely talk to me about something as personal as their dreams when I look this good.” — Tay

For the above reasons and more, thank you PUMA.
Thank you, for being a label with ♥

P.S. Inspire a dream by donating to our project, and join us at the “DA Final Frame Party”. Details here.