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Adopt a Minute of our 24Hr Cycling Challenge Fundraiser

We’ve sold our belongings to “burn our bridges” and made sure there was no turning back for us…
We’ve organised a “Bon Voyage Fundraiser Dinner” to bid our dear ones and supporters a proper farewell…
People have come “just to pass us some money” and we are ever so grateful.

Our current funds raised in cash stands at SGD 1,095.
We have not secure an airline sponsor, camping equipment, filming & editing equipment, nor traveling/living expenses. We are waiting…hoping…praying for favorable replies.

Yet, we are determined to go. So, we are making one more attempt at fundraising for the project before leaving for Taiwan.

We are going to cycle for 24 hours non-stop – at any point in time, there will be a wheel spinning. We will take turns to take breaks, and each break will not last more than 30 minutes. And we are going to stream it “live” on this very website, so you know exactly what we are doing, and we can’t cheat 😉

It is going to be a huge, huge test of endurance for us. And as we are writing this, our palms are already sweating. But with your support, we know we will be able to complete this challenge. And as Val would have said it, “If I can pedal for 24 hours, all 1440 minutes of it, I can cycle around the world.”

So we are appealing to you to help us, root for us, and keeping us going for the 24 hours, keep us going for “I Believe That Dreams Can Come True”.

Adopt 1 Minute for only USD100 (SGD150) if you are an organisation, and only USD50 (SGD75) if you are an individual. And during that 1 minute you adopted, you will be given “airtime”, and we will do anything (well, almost anything) you ask us to.

For organisations, we could:

  1. Wear your logo.
  2. Do an introduction of your company.
  3. Do a call-out to visit your website.
  4. Read a promotion about a sale, your product(s).
  5. Sing your TVC song.
  6. Do all of the above if you adopt enough minutes.

For individuals, we could:

  • Read a dedication to your loved ones.
  • Read a poem you’ve written.
  • Sing a song you’ve composed.
  • We’d even help you propose if that’s what you want!

Polar, a leading brand in sports and the inventors of heart-rate monitors have taken the lead in adopting the first minute of the 1440 minutes we have to offer.

We still have 1439 minutes to go. Support us:

Simply use the widget above to adopt using your PayPal account or credit card. Leave instructions on what you’d like us to do when keying in your payment information.


Adopt a minute by ATM transfer/iBanking SGD150 or SGD75 to:

Account Name: Tan Xin Hui
Account Type: DBS Savings Plus
Bank/Branch No: 7171/001
Account No: 0011188799

and then email us your request along with the TREF (transaction reference number).

You can also support us by following us during the “live” streaming of the 24 hours and root for us. Pass the link around your office, your school, email it to family, friends, even a stranger or two: