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Currently @ Japan + Project Taiwan

Dear all,

We have decided to write dilligently about our “daily happenings”, as a way to keep in touch with family and friends. Thank you dear Taiwanese friends, for your ever-so-often emails to ask us how we are, whether we are safe, whether we have a place to stay, whether we are well-fed etc. Your love and blessings are why we have decided to start this almost-daily column. We promise to write regularly – sometimes it’ll be Val, sometimes it’ll be Tay, sometimes it’ll be the 2 of us. Take it as our “love letters” to the you who cares ;P

Such regular entries from Japan will be posted in our “Currently @ Japan” category, and videos + interview entries on people’s dreams will be posted under “Inspiring Dreams“. We will still be posting Luo Papa’s story and our adventures in Taiwan up; watch up for them in the “Project Taiwan” category, under “Around The World“!

As you are reading this, we are working hard at updating thewebsite, finishing our Taiwan videos, finding sponsors, navigating through Japan and planning for Project Japan. In expressing gratitude to the people and organisations who have helped us come this far, we have revamped our Sponsors page.  And to help us travel further, we have added a Support Us page. If you know of anyone who might be interested in sponsoring our content, do contact us here.

We have very limited internet access right now, and can only update intermittently. BUT we are writing everday, and will post all written entries when we get the chance to. Do continue checking back, and keep in touch!

Tay and Val

P.S. We are currently cycling in Japan to collect drawings and messages for the children of Japan. We need your support to spread the word. More information at