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Day 3 in Japan

Before we arrived, we’d wanted to hold sharing sessions with children in Japan. Specifically children, because we know that with whatever societial nuances and language barriers Japanese culture has; there are no such boundaries for children. And also because, we’ve always have a soft spot for children.

Day 2 we were here, Yuri had already helped us “opened a door” – her Mother-in-law’s kindergarden! Not only that, she would like us to meet her and the children at her nursery on Wednesday; i.e. tomorrow. Ever so often, we find ourselves getting exactly what we want; yet, still unable to comprehend how amazing beautiful coincidences like these can happen to us… We don’t know why; we guess we don’t need to know either. Instead, we remind ourselves to be thankful and appreciative, and not take these favours upon us for granted 🙂

We dedicated today to preparations for the sharing session. Although there was no free WiFi at McDonald’s in Japan, there are power points, so we decided to park ourselves there and work.

Yea, whenever we mention to people that we have to “work”, they’d raise their eyebrows, “Are you two touring the world?” No. We are living our dreams, and our dreams fund us. The way we make a living, is to make sure people who support us gets the content they deserve.

work = discuss plans for Japan + program for sharing session tomorrow + catching up (blog writing and video editing)

Because this opportunity is a rare one
Because this first impression is so important to us
Because we want to handle children carefully

We ended up fighting a good 3 hours about what to do for Japan

The irony – we both wanted the same things
The best outcome possible with whatever resources we have with us

In the end, we decided on an international language to communicate with the children – art
The little artists in us wanted to do something = children x drawing x dreams

Outline of Project Japan
Cycle to as many children homes as possible
Share a story about dreams
Give out white T-shirts and drawing materials
Children to draw their dreams on the T-shirts
Wear their T-shirts
Annouce their dream loudly to us

We know that if we attach a positive emotion to a memory, that stays locked inside you for a long long time. And if ever one day, a child needed reminding about his/her dream, he/she remembers a T-shirt he/she had proudly drawn for himself/herself, and proudly annouced to the world – his/her dream.

We do not have all the necessary materials to carry out the above tomorrow, but we shall make the best out of what we can:

On this note, we are asking for sponsorships of the following:

  • Children-sized white T-shirts
  • Drawing materials to draw on T-shirts

If you or your organisation are interested in helping us realize Project Japan, please drop us a note here.

Project Japan Update: