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Days in Todai, Tokyo, Japan

Yuri’s house is next to the University of Tokyo, affectionately referred to as Todai by the locals. And she told us one morning, “You can go Todai T-Lounge. Free tables and chairs and power. No need to pay.”

And so begun our campus days in Todai, living it up as university students would – with minimal expenditure, and maximum returns 😀

Working in Todai

Sleeping in Todai

Some days we get so tired from the really early mornings + really late nights, that by the time we got to the campus, we’d concuss on the lawn in front of T-lounge. But hey, we made the best of the circumstances…

Eating in Todai

Cheap Choice 1: School Cafeteria

A step-by-step guide to getting your food in Todai Cafeteria (click on the thumbnails to view the photo in full):

The REAL taste of Japanese uni-life 😛

Cheap Choice 2: University CO-OP

On more lavish days, we get the set bentos which cost about 400-600 Yen. The CO-OP has microwaves for heating the food up, too!

Lying on the lawn brainstorming for ideas on what to do in Japan, we wondered aloud…

Where would we be, what would we be doing, if we had not embarked on this journey?
Would we know to appreciate lawns like these?
Would we be thankful that we actually still look like students?
Would we bother about that 10 Yen difference between this bread and that bread?
Would we be grateful for off-the-tap drinking water?

We don’t know.
But we do know – we have embarked on this journey.
On this journey, we once again, went to university.
And once again, we got educated –
On lessons in life.