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Did we get our bicycles?

We got Rodalink’s marketing manager’s contact from our recce trip. He agreed to meet us to find out what adventure these 2 Singaporean girls have in mind. Now it’s up to us to convince him and Rodalink, that funding this dream will inspire many others:

Perhaps it’s the expectation that sponsors are always only interested in their own products, we were expecting the first question to be:
“How would sponsoring you benefit my company?” So, we went, armed with a 40-slide presentation and answers on how we can give the brand exposure on the website.

Eddy threw us off balance right from the start. He was genuinely interested in what we are doing. When he heard about Luo papa’s dream, he said, “What an interesting man he must have been. He must have had such a strong passion to inspire you to embark on this project.” He couldn’t have been more right. And he gallantly went on to share with us his own dream of traveling around the world on his motorbike. The next thing we know, he was sharing with us what kind of cycling gear we might need for the trip, who are the people he know who might be able to share cycling traveling experiences with us and how his assistants in the shop would be able to teach us how to repair our bicycles and change tires!

We were overwhelmed, overwhelmed with gratitude and overwhelmed with a sense of ‘being heard’. What he has offered us went beyond the value of 2 sets of cycling equipment. He offered us trust; he had absolute faith no-questions-asked, that we will definitely set off for the trip. He understood the whole objective of this project: to let one dream inspire another. And above all of that, he believed.

Thank you Eddy. Thank you Rodalink. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

“You have made our belief stronger. You laid a crucial brick of faith when we met seemingly insurmountable obstacles when we were only at the beginning stages of preparing for this journey. And now, when we are cycling on the bicycles you’re giving us, we are not only fulfilling our dreams, we are carrying yours, too. ”

Did we get our bicycles?
We did. And so much more.

For everything and the more, thank you.

On another note of gratitude:

“Dear Koh, we remembered asking you if you’d be keen to join the 2 of us on this slightly mad project over dinner one evening. When you replied with “Can I cycle, too?”, we knew we asked the right man! For your leap of faith in this project, in the two of us; and your selfless contribution in helping us film the important moments down – thank you.”