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First Sharing Session in Japan – Let’s Play!

After hearing what we wanted to do in Japan, Yuri contacted and convinced her mother-in-law to let us visit her “Hoi Gyuen (nursery)” to conduct our very first sharing session.

“Just like that?!?” We asked in incredulity when she announced her mother-in-law’s approval to us.

“You can try my mother-in-law’s nursery first. And if the response from the children is good, she can recommend you more nurseries to go to.” was Yuri’s response.

And with that, we commenced our very first sharing session with Japanese children. Through “Kamishibai (theatre through paper)”, we began telling a story about the treasure in everyone’s hearts…

Shot on Canon

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To be brutally honest, none of us knew if the children were going to understand any part of our story at all. None of us knew if the children were going to respond at all.

But when the girl who was hiding behind her teacher throughout our session came up to Val and passed her her drawing, and then pointed at us to tell us that she drew us, and that we are in her heart – we knew they did. They understood. And that was a moment so remembered, so cherished.

Neither the Principal, nor the teachers, not even Yuri and Yuki thought that the children would be willing to show their drawings to us because all the children are so shy in front of strangers.

But when we said “Ichi, Ni, San (1, 2, 3) – bring your pictures up kudasai (please)!” and every child in that room waved their drawings up proudly in the air and showed their treasures in their hearts to us – we knew to never underestimate children.

Look! Our Treasures in Our Hearts!

For they show us a part of ourselves that we sometimes forget. For they bring up a part of us that we sometimes are conditioned to hide. For they share a part of themselves; which makes us want to share a part of ourselves, which makes us want to PLAY ALL OUT.