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Fitness comes First

Tay’s a one-time marathon runner (she ran a marathon carrying a camera while filming a documentary), a one-time tri-athlete a few years ago, “but I have not exercised for a year! That’s as good as starting from zero!”

Val’s been exempted from PE (physical education) since 13 years old, “and I haven’t done any form of regular exercising for the last 13 years!”

And we are attempting this round-the-world cycling challenge, carrying filming equipment, carrying camping equipment, and carrying many people’s dreams with us…with zero background – just a lot of heart, a lot of will, determination…and soul.

We’ve also been training on our own, i.e., carrying our bicycles down 5 floors (warm up), cycling around the estate, carrying the bicycle up 5 floors home (cool down). We know we need conditioning, strength training, and a whole horde of other fitness preparations…we didn’t know how.

And then…

Something got Val ecstatic

and got Tay elated...

Fitness First Training!

After a few, ok, a lot of, “Sorry we don’t do sponsorships/Sorry no such person in charge”, we got in touch with Fitness First. They are known for sponsoring “The Biggest Loser”, and upon googling, we read that “Fitness First is not just about helping people lose weight, but about changing people’s lives by helping them achieve their health and fitness goals for whatever reasons and motivations. Fitness First is about Real People, Real Results”.

Though polished as a marketing message, something struck in us. Having been overweight before ourselves, we know how empowering a little weight loss can be to lives. And being TV Producers ourselves, “The Biggest Loser” did come across as a series with heart, with soul. And here we are, 2 real girls with varying degrees of fitness levels, wanting to change our lives, so that people are inspired to do something about theirs, too.

“I need your committment that you would train as best as you can in the next 2 months.” – Sarah, Marketing Manager, Fitness First SG

*nods heads*

With that, Sarah handed us the 2 memberships AND a personal training package each to send us on our way.

“But we haven’t even showed her our presentation!” Déjà vu.
“She understood what we’re doing!” Déjà vu.

So yes, we hit our fair share of walls and rejections. But meeting people like Eddy and Sarah gives us that much more faith to keep going. And because of your faith in us, we will train hard. And because we have our fitness taken care of, we know we are that much more ready to go.

We’re off to our first class of Pilates today!

Anybody from any sports company reading this? We’re looking for 2 pairs of training shoes…so that we can start with the rest of the training.

Update: 5 hours after this post was up, PUMA wrote and offered to sponsor us our shoes and attire – Hurray!