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Hiatus on Molokai

Dear all,

It had been an amazing journey for the past 5 months. With each person met, each sharing session conducted, comes many humbling and fulfilling lessons.

We feel that it is time for us to call a hiatus – and give space for our souls to catch up, and to nourish before continuing our journey. Led by serendipity, we came to Molokai – an island without traffic lights, 8000 inhabitants, a 3-block town and full of aloha.

On Molokai, we intend to catch up on our videos, photos, and writing. To the beautiful souls who’ve been following our journeys, thank you for your patience – entries on Taiwan and Japan are being posted as you read this.

We know you support what “I Believe That Dreams Can Come True” stands for and would like us to keep sharing the stories of Love, Life, and Hope. And we believe in the power of the individual. So instead of spending time and effort to “sell” our videos to big corporations, we’d concentrate on telling good stories, and count on you to support us here.

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One Dream Shared, One Dream Inspired.

Tay and Val