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Of Scabbed Knees, Shins, and Heart

A “scab” is the crust formed over a wound during healing.

When we decided to document every step of our journey in this project, starting from hometown Singapore, we made a decision to “put ourselves out there”, even when it comes to presenting our vulnerable selves – our fears. We said that Project Singapore was a project to overcome fear. And to do that, we had to face it – face the crusty, ugly scabs that cover our wounds, look beyond their hard, protective covers…and see the “healing” that has already occurred beneath all of that.

“A thousand and one things run through my mind when I mount the bike – are my brakes working, are my gears in place, what’s that sound, something doesn’t feel quite right… I try to take deep breaths, I chant: “steady and slow, one pedal at a time.” And I try not to look terrified.

But my greatest fear is not in cycling, not in falling. I know there may be plenty of scabbed knees, shins, elbows, arms you name it coming my way. But the one scab I really need to face, is the one in my heart. The one that got banned from cycling many years ago. The one that did not get another chance to try again…

This time round, I will do precisely just that. I will get up and try again.– Val

“Every time Val cycles, I look on fearfully, constantly on the lookout for the next fall that is going to happen and crossing my fingers and toes that we would be able to continue cycling after that.

31km. It isn’t a long distance for cyclists. But from circling round the neighborhood park, to meandering through the pedestrian pavement to completing 31km after surviving a fall, I am very proud of her, for having come this far and for confronting her fears.” – Tay