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Onwards to Latin America!

Dreams of Our Children

Dreams of Our Children

Dear friends and familia,

3 months on Molokai passed, as we emerged from the Hawaii islands and their humbling aloha, emerged from silence and its lesson to truly listen, emerged from our inwards journeys and their empowering lessons – refreshed, reminded, renewed.

We never expected to be in Latin America so early in our journey; but hey, we have learnt to accept whatever comes unexpected as a gift 😉

From being warned to being threatened, the perils of Mexico seem to loom ahead of us. Yet, we know that we’ve made it this far from pure intentions; and that these very intentions will guide us through. In this part of the world, we have decided to ask, “If the world as you know it ends in 2012, what is the one dream you want to fulfil before then?”, and perhaps hopefully bring a little reminder to a much needed community, at a much needed time.

For the first few weeks, we’d be learning Espanol, through immersion, through donated lessons of sorts. And we’ll be off down South. Send us LOVE ♥ instead of fear. Keep us in good thoughts and help us go further, go deeper:

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One Dream Shared, One Dream Inspired.

Val and Tay