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Our First Sharing Session: Taiping Elementary School


We made a promise to Luo Papa during our backpacking trip in October 2009. We promised him that we would return to Taiwan 6 months later to chase his last dream of cycling to all the train stations in Taiwan with him. Because of this promise, “I Believe That Dreams Can Come True” was bornt. (Read about how Luo Papa’s dream inspired this journey here.)

We left Singapore 30 March 2010 and surprised Luo Papa at his house. A week of preparations later, we embarked on a “mission” to fulfill Luo Papa’s dream with him.

4 days later, on the 5th morning of our dream-chasing, Luo Papa’s mother passed away and our journey came to a standstill.

We decided to leave Luo Papa’s place to give him time and space to attend to family matters. Meanwhile, we cycled to other parts of Taiwan to document stories of other people’s dreams.

It was towards the end of this side-trip that we stumbled upon Helen and her students at Talkshow via Couchsurfing. thinking that we’d only be spending a night at her place before heading back to Luo Papa’s place. When Helen took us in, we were 2 broken souls with heavy hearts, filled with apprehension.

We left everything behind to embark on this journey
We sold off everythingthere was nothing to go home to
This (Luo Papa’s dream) was supposed to be a great story
An award winning documentary even

“We had wanted to create a chain of inspirational stories,a chain of dreams inspiring dreams – starting from Luo Papa’s dream… BUT with the demise of his mother…” – Tay

“It felt like our chain had broken…just like that.” – Val

“We can’t even find someone to blame! We can’t even ask – Why?!? Why did she have to die now? Why not one month later, after we finished fulfilling Luo Papa’s dream? WHY?” – Tay

“Where do we go from here?” – Val

“Where do we go from here?”
The Universe answered us through Helen as she steered us towards our first major turning point on this journey:

Shot on Canon by Koh

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“Where do we go from here?”
In that moment, our question was answered. We would continue on this journey, and we would go and share our stories. We continue on this journey so that children like her, so that all of our children will always remember to find their dreams.

It took a 65 year old man (Luo Papa)’s 3 words – “It’s my dream!” to slap a reminder in our faces to ask ourselves – What’s my dream?

It took an 8 year old girl’s 3 words, “Find my dream” to teach us – El sueño que tiene en tu mano es tuyo, no mío (The dream you hold in your hand is yours, not ours).

It is not our roles to go and fulfill other people’s dream. Our “job” on this journey, is simply to bring a gentle reminder, to rekindle one’s passion through asking the question, “What’s your dream?”
Find My Dream

She raised her hand when we asked, “Who here does not have a dream?”
Our hearts sank.
She walked down the aisle when we asked, “Who wants to share your dream?”
Our hearts beat with apprehension.
She opened her tightly clutched fist to reveal, “I will find My Dream.”
Our hearts – they now beat for that reason.

Teachers at Taiping Elementary School

An exchange so precious
We turned to the teachers and said,
“Thank you, for providing us this opportunity to share,
For we now found the reason to continue on this journey.”
The teachers looked us in our eyes and replied,
“No. Thank you girls instead.
Because today, we remember –
Why we stand in front of the classroom,
in front of these children,
Day after day after day.
We almost forgot. And you reminded us –
Why we became teachers in the first place.”

A Rainbow For Us
Helen gave us a rainbow and said,
“When you fear and hesitate,
think of the rainbow after the rain.
It brings love, courage…and hope.”

We had wanted to create a chain of “Dreams inspiring Dreams” around the world
When Luo Papa’s mother passed away and our journey came to a standstill,
It felt like the chain had broken… we were broken.
Meeting Helen, and then sharing our stories
With the students and the teachers at Taiping Elementary School,
We were reminded that –

Sometimes, chains need to be broken,
so that there is “space” for a rainbow to be built across.

Speaking in Schools – a call-out to educators in learning institutions:
If we’re in your area (click here to see where we are right now) and you’d like us to come share stories with you and your students, please let us know by emailing us at or drop us a note here.