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Quick update from Taiwan

We have reached Luo Papa’s homestay in Taiwan safe and sound! It took us quite a while to get internet connection, so bear with us as we catch up with our posts, videos and updates!

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been busy with the past week here:

Cleaning up the train restaurant in the mornings

Serving food to patrons during meal times

In exchange for a place to stay…

…and 3 meals a day 🙂

We work hard editing videos, photos and posts during pockets of free time

The weather turned windy and stormy mid-week

In times like these, we are thankful to Luo Papa for hot hot meals…

…and grateful to Swee Kian for a warm warm bed!

Till our next entry!

Meanwhile, you can view where we are via our “where are we now?” page here (the link can also be found on the top navigation bar, next to “contact us”).