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Taiwan Railway Cycling Dream – Blessings from a Mother

We received news from Luo Papa this morning – his 92 year old mother had passed on this morning 2AM. Our team (Tay, Val and camerman Koh) sends him and his family our deepest condolences.

Luo Papa’s mother was the one who brought him to see his first train when he was barely a toddler.

“小時候,我每次哭啊、鬧啊的時候,媽媽就抱著我到火車站看火車。看到火車就很開心啊!那就沒事了。 。 。長大後,心情不好,自己就會跑到火車站去看火車。媽媽每次找不到人就會到火車站去。(Every time I cry, my mum would bring me to the train station to see trains. And I’d be fine immediately… As I grew older, I’d go the the train stations whenever I’m feeling down. My mum would always know where to find me.)” – Luo Papa

For the first week of his cycling dream, Luo Papa had insisted on coming back home, close to his mother’s place every night after cycling; even when it means having to set off earlier to drive the van to the end destination, take the train back and cycle with us, before finally driving all of us back home. “我媽媽已經92歲了! 時間沒剩下多少。 。 。 做兒子的,能做的也就是每天早晚給她問好,請安。(She’s already 92, and I know I don’t have much time with her. This trip means a lot to me, but I also want to be able to wish her good night and good morning for as long as I can.)”

To the mother who stood by her son’s dreams from young, who sparked off that railway passion in Luo Papa, and who has left us with her blessings, we send you our deepest respect. And when the trip resumes, we will walk with Luo Papa… as he travels down memories lanes of railway tracks, holding memories of mother and child by the train station.

When I was young, my mother comforted me by bringing me to see trains
Many years later, when I see trains
I hear her say, “Everything will be fine…”