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Take A Chance…

…because no amount of planning can preempt unforeseen circumstances
…because everything happens for a reason
…because time and space is needed for new beginnings to arise
…because nothing is quite as fearful as not knowing what you’ve missed ahead

So take a chance we did
And acknowledge plans change with time
And recognise that every outcome is the best possible outcome
And left Luo Papa’s home to give everyone the space and time we needed
And set off for what lies ahead for us

“No amount of planning would have helped us deal with the sudden demise of Luo Papa’s Mother. I would not lie and say that we were not affected; of course we are! We were devastated! I have to keep reminding myself – this is his dream, the journey is his to take. Our roles are simply to walk the path with him, side-by-side. We are no one to chart the next steps for him.” – Val

So, we decided to shift our plans around and bring forward Part II of our Taiwan trip. We had intended to use a month’s time to fulfill Luo Papa’s dream; and Part II was to go visit three other groups of people whom we felt inspired by during our last backpacking trip in Taiwan.

Our first destination is to another homestay called “松園”, literally translated as “Pine Garden”.  The homestay left a deep impression when we last visit because of a conversation on the van with the female boss one day. This conversation became one of our most quoted ones since project “I Believe That dreams Can Come True”.

松園 is located in Central Taiwan, Nantou Puli Township, which is 120km away from where we are. After some planning, we decided to make 3 stopovers before 松园 – 台中 (Taichung), 草屯 (Caotun) and 埔里 (Puli).

First stop – 台中 (Taichung).

Shot on Canon by Koh

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“This is the first time we are cycling around Taiwan without Luo Papa.  Well, I anticipated trouble because I can’t do directions and Val is not all that experienced with cycling yet, but I could never have imagined the surprises that laid ahead of us for the next 10 days. If anything, those 10 days led to the decisions that were made at the later stage of the journey with Luo Papa.” – Tay










Cycling Route to Taichung, tracked by SPOTME from Pespectiv Technologies: