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The Meaning Behind Each Journey

People have asked us, and we have asked Luo Papa ourselves, “Why did he want to go on this journey?”

And everyday, we understood a little more.

“这段逐梦的过程 (This journey to fulfill his (Luo Papa’s) dream)
让他走过以前的岁月 (Has let him retrace his life at the railway)
找回美好的记忆 (Has helped him find those lost memories)”
– Tay

Shot on Canon by Koh

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This isn’t merely a trip to cycle around Taiwan’s railway tracks
This isn’t just about standing in front of each station and taking photos

This is about chasing dreams
This is about tracing footprints
This is about capturing memories

Luo Papa's Favourite Lunch at DaJia Train Station...

DaJia Beef Noodles!

Ever so often, Luo Papa will come back here for dinner - QingShui Bamboo Rice

"The Miaoli noodles still taste the same!" - Luo Papa

He highly recommends a bowl of curdled pig's blood soup to wash the noodles down

Familiar tastes - Satisfied stomachs!

Because of Luo Papa’s eagerness everytime he zooms off in front of us, towards the next station
Because of laughter in the air everytime he catches up on old times with his ex-colleagues
Because of Luo Papa’s joy everytime we take a photo at a train station

This bicycle journey has meaning
Our traffic frustrations, road nuances etc. has meaning

Each train station, has a meaning
Each photo taken, has a meaning
Each pedal forward, has a meaning

“Sometimes, we forget why we are doing this in the first place. In life, this happens. We become so engrossed in the happenings around us, we forgot why we were there, doing what we were doing in the first place. This journey with Luo Papa has given a me gift – a reminder to remember, the meaning behind each journey.” – Val