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When all else fails, be grateful

It’s been a long, long, looooooooooooooooooong 24 hours since…

We tried every know-how we could, searched forums, submitted a ticket to our hosting service, load and reload the entire database, export and re-import all the entries…you name it. And many many hours later, we still have difficulty accepting that leads us to a blank canvas.

It was cognitive dissonance at its most extreme. It was, “I CANNOT believe”. As the wide, white screen stared at us, “the world became a dark dark place“.

“Damn the internet! Why does it always have to be so complicated?!?” A series of wails and laments and FB/twitter shout-outs later, we gave up.

“Well better now than later. We are still in Singapore, and not on the roads yet. We don’t have that many entries yet. We didn’t lose that much data… We should be thankful.”

And because we turned to gratitude, we are writing this post to say our thanks:

Thank you, for the internet…even though you can be very sneaky and complicated sometimes.
Because we were able to inform our fans on FB about the downtime.
Because our friends were able to volunteer support when they saw our FB statuses.
Because we were able to go on MSN to seek “live” support.

Thank you, friends, fans, and even some strangers.
For being holding us in loving support while we tried to sort it out.
For asking your community to help us out.
For staying up late in the middle of the night to work this out with us.
For taking time to “see if there’s anything I can do”, all the way from across the globe.
On this note, thank you Vinay, Lawrence and Hoang. Heartfelt gratitude from us to you.

Our website is now up and running, and we are so very very grateful.