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Xmas 2010 – ¿Cuál es tu Tesoro?

Xmas 2009
Was a season of Giving
… and Receiving

The people who’ve left beautiful footprints in our lives
Parts of ourselves, books that have touched our lives

One unexpected SMS
Two “I Believe in You”s
A present that we still look over and give thanks for
A faith that had kept us going till today

See post here.

At that time, we were still selling off our possessions to raise funds for Project “I Believe That Dreams Can Come True”.

Little by little
Step by step
You helped us
Made it here

This year, we no longer have possessions to our names. Instead of giving out books to our names, we are offering you a story, with our names 🙂

Here’s our invitation to you:

Remember the time gingerly unwrapped your first Xmas present?
Remember the time you first sat under that humongous Xmas tree and looked up in wonder?
Remember the time you hung stocking and promised to be a good boy/girl because you believed in Santa?

Remember, and read on…

¿Cuál es tu Tesoro? – What is your Treasure?
Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos.

The treasure we have been seeking
The treasure we are seeking
The treasure we think we need to seek
Has never left us

It’s always been with us
Within us

Look into your heart
Open your treasure box
What is it that makes you happy?
What is it that makes you smile :)?

¿Cuál es tu Tesoro?

Tay and Val
Gives deepest gratitude
To the donations and well wishes coming in
And wishes everyone
¡Feliz Navidad!