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Sharing, Dreaming, Inspiring Giveaway 01 – a project Inspired by a Dream

Decembers and Januaries are special times for us, because they represent a season of gratitudebeing thankful for what the year has offered us; a season of new beginningstaking (sometimes first) steps closer towards our dreams.

a season of Sharing
a season of Dreaming
a season of Inspiring

To thank everyone who has helped us come this far (after all, we made it all the way from Singapore to Costa Rica, the other side of the world), we would like to share our abundance with you by having a series of giveaways.

We hope these little gifts would encourage you to keep going towards your dreams, and inspire you to share “I Believe That Dreams Can Come True” with your loved ones, too!

Giveaway 01: The last pair of Taiwanese Dreamcards

The first of our series of 12 giveaways is the last pair (the last 2) of Taiwanese Dreamcards – inspired, printed and gifted to us in Taiwan:

我和梦想有个约定 - I have a Date with My Dream

The picture of the card was taken with our bicycles, right in front of Luo Papa’s train homestay, next to the ocean – the starting point of this round the world journey. At the back of the card, it says in Chinese:

我和梦想的约定:My Date with My Dream
This is where you write down your dream(s)

姓名:Your Name
This is where you put your name down and claim ownership to your dream

梦起飞日期:The date your Dream takes flight
This is where you commit a date to embark on your own dream journey

Why you would want these cards:

May 2010, Taiwan: We have had the design for a dream card for 2 months already, the jpeg file stored in our laptops, waiting to be printed. But we had no money to print them. So we used them as wallpapers on our desktops as a reminder – that one day, we’d be able to gift these dreamcards out, as a reminder for those we’d crossed paths with… Make a date with your dream. Fulfil it.

One day, whilst cycling in Taichung, Taiwan; we stopped by MATCH Cafe to use the internet. The boss, Denis saw our foldable bicycles and asked us what we were doing in Taichung. We told him the story of “I Believe That Dreams Can Come True”. Long story short, Denis took the design of the card and told us to come back the next day at the same time. We did.

And there, waiting for us, were 200 dreamcards – 100 for Val, 100 for Tay.

200 Dreamcards, 200 "Dates"

200 Dreamcards, 200 "Dates"

Denis said to us, “MATCH Cafe is my dream. And it is still standing here today because of every single person who came in to buy a cup of coffee from us. Dreams are never built alone. There are always people who believe in you, and they all contribute their bits to you.

Little by little, a dream is built and realised.
Keep going girls!
This is my little bit for you.”

At the bottom of the card, we printed:

If you have a Dream,
Shout it out loud!
For with every step we take,
We are rooting for you, too!

We hope that when the going gets tough,
When you feel tired and frustrated,
When you come head on with road blocks,
When you just want to give up…

Just like how the 200 cards were Denis’ “little bit” for us
These last 2 cards are our “little bit” for you

May they serve as a reminder that will keep you going and give you the encouragement you need to take one more step towards your dreams. And who knows? That might be that one step that makes all the difference.

How to get them:

To obtain this last pair of Taiwanese Dreamcards, all you have to do is to watch the following video and answer the question:

What were the 4 words (Val translated them into English in the video) that Luo Papa said to us, which inspired this journey?

Simply answer via the Facebook Comment box at the bottom of this entry, using the following format (copy and paste and insert your answer):

“YOUR ANSWER” – The 4 words that inspired @I Believe That Dreams Can Come True.

We will raffle amongst the correct answer and mail the cards to your home. If you like, we could sign the cards for you, too.

A little reminder:

Remember to tag “@I Believe That Dreams Can Come True” and include in your answer to qualify for the raffle! 🙂

Closing Date: 12 Midnight 31 January 2012

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