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Sharing, Dreaming, Inspiring Giveaway 05 – a project to INSPIRE DREAMS

One Dream Shared, One Dream Inspired

Giveaway 05: I Believe That Dreams Can Come True 2012 Calendar with Inspirational Photos and Quotes (April to June)

Our next giveaway is a hi-res printable PDF of our I Believe That Dreams Can Come True Calendar – personally designed by us with inspirational photos and quotes from this journey so far. We are releasing the months of April, May and June for this giveaway:

I Believe That Dreams Can Come True - Calendar 2012

I Believe That Dreams Can Come True - Calendar 2012

Why you would want this Calendar:

She raised her hand when we asked, “Who here does not have a dream?”
Our hearts sank.
She walked down the aisle when we asked, “Who wants to share your dream?”
Our hearts beat with apprehension.
She opened her tightly clutched fist to reveal, “I will find My Dream.”
Our hearts – they now beat for that reason.

— Quotation for May 2012

One Dream Shared
One Dream Inspired
Be a part of this chain of
Dreams Inspiring Dreams

How to get this giveaway:

Simply click the button below and share our website via Facebook or Twitter; and you may download the Calendar. In Tay’s words:

ALLOW ourselves to give.
ALLOW ourselves to receive.
ALLOW ourselves to be inspired.

Click 3 allows from the following button and download an inspiring calendar for 2012!

Closing Date: The end of 2012

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