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Sharing, Dreaming, Inspiring Giveaway 09 – A Present for the Children of Japan

Giveaway 09: One limited edition Japan Tour Postcard

Limited Edition Japan Tour Postcard

Why you would want this gift:

It was inspired, designed and made in Japan.
It is the cover of our awesome Children’s Book.
It is one out of 10 copies circulating around the world right now
It is the perfect combination of “kawaii (cuteness)” and “inspiration”!

How to get this giveaway:

Watch the video below and follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Go to our “A Present for the Children of Japan” Facebook Album here
  2. Comment on the photo of the dream that you like and tell us Why
  3. Get your Facebook friends to “Like” your comment
  4. The comment with the most number of “Likes” wins our limited edition Japan Tour Postcard!

Closing Date: 12 Midnight 31 January 2012

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