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Mexico – Reforma Estado on 20 February 2011

The Reforma - Estado

We need to be wiser with our media interviews. We need to learn to say, “no” to reporters who simply place the recorder in our faces and then do everything except listen during the interview.

We’ve got furious friends who wrote to the journalist and the editor to correct the mistakes. But no replies, nada.

So it is our responsibility to correct the wrongs. What it should have been:

  • Our names are: Tay Siang Hui (Tay) and Val Tan Xin Hui (Val), not Siang Hui (Hui) and Xin Hui Val (Val) – gosh we wrote them down for him!
  • It is “Luo Papa”, not “Lou Papa” – his name is all over our website, no?
  • “Un sueño compartido, un sueño inspirado”, not “Un sueño compartido, un sueño esperado” – even though we did do a lot of waiting for something to happen…still
  • We spent most of our time in D.F, not Puebla – 2 months in D.F., 2 weeks in Puebla; do the math
  • No, we did not manage to have any sharing sessions at UNAM and UVM – we did want to; people did promise us they will happen…but no, they never happened