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Mexico – Transito Xalapa with various media on Week of 11 March 2011

No we have no wish to be involved in politics
Yet this was a lesson we felt we needed to share

Cliché as it may sound
“With great powers
Come great responsibilities”

And with what little “powers” we have on this journey
We try to get “in touch” with the hearts ♥ of the people we meet
Whether they are the big, influential Politicians… or not.

Dear Transito of Veracruz, and perhaps… even all of Mexico:

You detained us for 5 hours from 10PM-3AM,
demanding a “compensation” of 6,000 pesos.
You said you are doing us a favor,
because the “actual fine”, would be much much more.

We refused to yield.
“Give us the papers for the fine then.”
You said we were being stupid.

We looked hard at you.
You asked, “What?”
“Do you, as foreigners, think that we are very ugly people?”

We looked harder.
Opening our eyes wider.
Opening our hearts wider.

And we saw beyond those steel eyes.
And we felt beyond those tough hearts.
And we began saying the words you so needed to hear:

Thank you.
For working so hard, 24/7.
To keep the roads safe for the people.

Thank you.
For a desire so strong, to survive.
To feed your families, to live better.

That you’d do anything. Anything at all.

Your eyes widened.
And we think… your hearts, too.

For a moment,
You got the appreciation you truly deserved.
You got the understanding you so badly needed.

“Okay, for 100 pesos, you can leave.”

We hoped you made full use of that 100 pesos.
Perhaps new books for your kids?
Perhaps a nice breakfast for your family?

You waved goodbye to us
And even asked us to be safe on the road

And as your shadows grew smaller
We silently hoped

That we left you reminders
Of how strong a spirit you have

That our “Thank you”s
Keep ringing in your hearts
For a long long time to come

If it is in our power to bring upon reminders and inspire
Then it is our responsibility
To always look deeper
And rekindle what lies so deep, so deep, within