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Mexico – Mar FM99.7 on 17 March 2011

Maryjose Gamboa - her "first" dream

Maryjose Gamboa - her "first" dream

We were brought to this interview by Marisol, a friend of our Couchsurfing hosts Paco and Karla. Marisol co-hosts the spiritual and cultural section of the program with Maryjose.

We are constantly grateful for the opportunity to share our stories with the media.

Because other than reaching out to a greater public audience through the media,
We get to (hopefully) touch the hearts of media practitioners.

Why is that important to us?

We let the dreams of Maryjose tell you why…
The first time we got her to write her dreams on her hands and share them with us; she wrote, “Una vida larga y feliz (a long and happy life)”. But the next time we met her at the TV station, she requested to “change her dream”…

Stay tuned 😉