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Sacred Art Teahouse Sharing – Walking the 3 Worlds, Finding Myself, I have LOVE

Sarah connected us to Ajna, the owner of Sacred Art Teahouse and we co-organised a sharing session at her place during our stay in San Marcos.

And this post’s title is basically sums up our experiences at the sharing.

Walking the 3 Worlds

“Tell them what your dream is, Robin. I like what you said to me.” Sarah said, gently nudging Robin towards us at the end of our sharing session, when we were taking photos of people’s dreams on their hands.

Robin smiled shyly and showed us his card. There were 3 circles drawn on it, all connected with a line.

“What’s your dream, Robin?” We asked.

Robin whispered something but we couldn’t quite catch it. “He said he wants to cross all the 3 worlds. Those 3 circles are the 3 worlds. And he is going to travel from one to another to another, and then back.” Sarah repeated for us. “And you know what’s interesting? He told me the same dream at your first sharing session. He still remembers it today. It hasn’t changed.”

Over dinner that night, we shared with Sarah about the Chinese belief in the 3 worlds. “You know, for us, there really are 3 worlds – 天,地,人, the “heaven”, the “earth”, and the “human” worlds. And so, this is a nice ‘coincidence’ for us – that Robin ‘knows’ about our 3 worlds.”

“Robin, how are you going to cross from one world to another?” Val turned towards Robin and asked in a most serious tone.

“You just walk.” Robin replied, matter-of-factly.

“And how do you come back?” Tay asked, equally seriously.

Almost exasperated by how silly our questions seem, Robin rolled his eyes and repeated, “You just walk.”

Why are we sharing this?

Remember the time when we were all like Robin?
The time when everything seemed obvious and “duh” to you?
The time when the adults seemed to have worries or doubts over the silliest things?

Remember that during that time –
Anything. Everything. All was possible.
So long as it was something we could conceive,
It was something we could achieve.

That night, we marveled at Robin’s vast world(s) of infinite possibilities. And we thought we’d bring you this reminder: we were all once like this.

So the next time an adult-ish “HOW?” a “WHY?” a “WHAT-IF?” shows up in your pursuit of your dream; remember Robin. And “You just walk”.

Finding Myself + I have LOVE
The little girl on the left is called Morning Star. She’s Ajna’s 10 year old daughter. Her friend on the right is called Luna. They were our acting volunteer translators (from Spanglish to proper Spanish) before our official volunteer translator arrived. The girls came up to us after our sharing and gifted us 2 drawings they drew during our sharing session.

"We want to give these to you!"

"We want to give these to you!"

Morning Star said to us,
“My dream is to find my dog…
and myself.

Val turned to Tay and asked, “What were you doing when you were 10 years old?”

Tay replied, “I don’t remember. But I do remember, I definitely wasn’t thinking about who I am… or where is the me I really am, for that matter.”

Luna said to us,
I have love.
My dream is to spread this love
and bring peace to the world.”

How many of us can say that, aloud? That being, I HAVE love.”

We’ve collected many hands along this journey. Many of them have the words, “LOVE” and “PEACE” on them. During the sharing session, we shared with them a story in Japan; about how a teenager stood up and said, I HAVE hope.” That moved us greatly, because it is one thing to say, “HOPE”… and quite another to declare that one has hope.

And today, a ten-year-old came to us and say she has love; and she wants to spread this love to bring peace to the world.

Children – our greatest teachers on this journey.

We are sharing this with you, so that perhaps you can pause a little while – and think about the “little ones” you’ve met along the way… and perhaps give thanks for their “big teachings”, too.

Here are the dreams collected at our sharing at the Sacred Art Teahouse on San Marcos de la Laguna:

To end this post, we thought we’d share with you, our very first “hand of dream” collected from a local Mayan woman:

Sarah's helper, Josefa, and her dream

We started this journey in Guatemala thinking that our question, “What is your dream?” was too irrelevant, frivolous… and perhaps even a little ridiculous to the local people, to people who could hardly make ends meet, to poverty.

Yet during our stay in Sarah’s house, we got an opportunity to meet and connect with Josefa, and ask her what her dream is. Through our conversations, we shared with her the idea/concept of having “savings” (as in save a portion of her earnings when she has work, for days when she doesn’t have work).

Her attendance at our sharing session was one big step for us.
Her willingness to share her dream with us was one huge encouragement for this project.
Her candid comments, “Con gusto encontraste ustedes. Sus historias me dan algo en qué pensar. (I am happy to have met you. Your stories give me something to think about.)” was one resounding affirmation for us to keep going.

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