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To Val

— 田馥甄 (Hebe)

“If there’s something you believe in,
Just keep doing it
It (Your dream) will come true one day.”
— Hebe (Taiwanese Singer)

She was talking about her first solo album, “To Hebe”.

First spotted in a singing competition and then recruited to be part of a girl band “S.H.E.”, it took Hebe 10 years to “launch” this dream – a solo album with her voice, her story, “To Hebe”.

Hence the title of this post.

Many times on this journey, I’ve been asked, “So this journey is your dream come true?” I would tactfully turn to Tay and let her answer the question instead. Her dream is to be an inspiring story-teller. We’re on a journey to collect, share and inspire dreams through stories. She is living her dream. That’s an easy answer. Easier than the tight knots in my stomach every time I face this question.


I had a dream –
to show the world the beautiful colors of emotions on the big movie screen of life.

I first wrote the song in the video when I was 15. It took me 10 years to step into a studio and listen to myself sing it. In that 10 years, I’ve had opportunities to act for theatre, TV, even indies. Even then, I still managed to lose sight of my dream.

And then I came on this journey thinking I’d find it back. Yet some nights I still find myself tossing and turning, unable to sleep, wondering, “When will I get to tell stories through my passion, my craft once more?”

And then “LISTEN” happened. Our first short film – written, produced, shot and edited all on this journey, without a single cent, but lots of heart.

And lots of guts.

I said “lots of guts” because throughout the pages of this website, hidden amongst the pictures, tucked in between the lines, lies Val’s dream. My dream.

I’ve never really dared to shout it aloud.

“LISTEN” happened because one day, Tay asked me, “Why do you have to wait till the journey is over before you start doing the things you want to? Who said that we can’t do all of that on this journey itself? Who said that you can’t sing, dance, act, whatever it is… on this journey itself? Instead of why – why not?

One year later, we launched “LISTEN”:

Read the whole story and watch the entire short film here.

30 July, “LISTEN” went “live” online. It was also the day Aunty Ling had arranged for me to sing “live” at Chinitas’. When Tay jumped the gun and asked her if I could sing there, Aunty Ling replied with a wink, “Let’s make dreams come true.”

How did it turn out?
Bad yet utterly perfect.

On the actual day...

Bad because I was so nervous I stumbled over every other line in my first song and went out of rhythm on my second song. My hands were cold and sweaty. I used all my might to keep my teeth from chattering. I forgot to breathe. I was a wreck.

Perfect because I lost myself in my third song. There was no fixed rhythm, I stopped when I felt like I had to. I took deep breaths, even if they were loud deep breaths over the microphone. I did what I love doing – I told a story through a song, through my singing. I forgot about pitch and tone and what rules there might be to singing. I simply sang a story. And it was perfect.

Finally...lost in the song


Because of the love for singing
We sing to return to our intentions

Why am I writing this post?

It is because I feel that I need to acknowledge the people around me who have made me “living” my dream possible on this journey:

The wonderful crew and family on Molokai who helped put “LISTEN” together – for I lived my dream through acting.

Auntie Ling who gave me the stage in Chinitas’, Uncle Steve who gave me his time and expertise to practise unfamiliar songs with me, David who gave me his time on stage, Helga, Lisa, Uncle Robert, Aunty Arlaine who took time off on a Saturday evening and came in the rain just to see me – and I lived my dream again, through singing.

Throughout all of these, Tay, who pushed me and kept pushing me, time and again, even if it meant tearing me apart and putting me back together – that I can do it; more importantly, I am worth it.

And I also need to acknowledge myself.
I need to acknowledge my dream.
And then acknowledge that I am good enough for it.

To Val

This is an entry dedicated
To the many friends who had been and/or still are struggling to live their passions for performing
To You
To Val

So that the next time I wonder when my big break is coming, when will I “finally” get to perform once more… I remember:

Dreams are not something we realized and then that’s it.
Dreams don’t simply come true, and definitely not on their own.
Dreams are something every single molecule of our being exist for.

Dreams are not an end “destination” towards which we live.
Dreams are the journeys we live.
Dreams are meant to be lived.

Dreams are meant to be lived. Live mine.

Isn’t it time you dedicate something to yourself, too?

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