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Villa Del Angel – Hospitality of Angels

We set off from Guatemala City towards El Salvador by bus, and arrived in San Salvador at around 8.30PM. We had planned to cycle from the bus terminal to our host hotel, Villa del Angel upon arrival because, “It’s 5 kilometres on our bikes, we should be able to get there within half an hour”, right?

One hour later…

Something's up?

Something's up?

If you’ve read our entry on the Mexico Veracruz Transito, you would know that by now, we avoid the cops at all costs.

Yet being stranded in front of a condominium, completely lost, at 9PM – we had no choice but to take up the offer by the condominium’s guard to call the police:

“Esta hora en San Salvador es muy peligroso,
especialmente para ustedes dos mujeres, en bicicletas!
Tienen que llamar a la policía,
ellos te ayudarán…”

The security guard spoke rapidly, waving his gun around and picking up his phone at the same time.

Startled by the violent reaction, we could only manage a feeble, “La policia de aqui… ¿Son buenos?” Which meant something like, “The police here… good people?

“¡Sí! ¡Sí! ¡Sí!”

¡No te preoccupes! We're very safe!

¡No te preoccupes! We're very safe!

That night had to be the “grandest” arrival we’ve ever had in any place so far. Escorted by friendly policemen, we took the streets of San Salvador by sirens, and arrived safely at Villa Del Angel, to be greeted by our hostess, Grace:

Grace and Us

Grace and Us

She had driven to the hotel in the middle of the night to make sure we arrived safely, and that we had all we needed for a good night’s rest.

What really touched our hearts, even before our arrival, was that Grace had mentioned that she had visited our website and really appreciates our videos and photos.

Although it may seem obvious to many that the commonsensical thing to do before replying to our email for accommodation request would be to visit our website; the reality is that hardly anyone does so. We’ve received curt refusals from people who didn’t understand our project, because they’ve not visited our website.

That was why Grace’s effort to understand our project placed Villa Del Angel in a very special spot in our hearts.

Villa Del Angel – the Hotel

This journey has granted us many opportunities to be hosted by various accommodations – from Couchsurfers’ homes, to retreat centres, to BnBs, hostels, hotels etc.

This project took us a step further to interact with the people who hosted us – the people behind the walls, the souls of the shelters.

What makes a place hospitable?
We think, beyond the amenities, the façade,
It’s the Experience:

Villa Del Angel – the Experience

“One of my favourite breakfast quotes come from an anonymous writer. He said, “The difference between ‘involvement’ and ‘commitment’ is like an eggs and ham breakfast: the chicken was ‘involved’ – the pig was ‘committed’.” Our experience having breakfast at Villa Del Angel showed us that – they didn’t just make and serve breakfast; they weren’t just involved, they committed themselves to it.”Val

“Every morning, I opened the hotel room door and was greeted with bright smiles from all the staff. And no matter how tired we were, the day became beautiful in that instant. I felt like, time is short in El Salvador, we are only here for 4 days and therefore, The Universe has conspired to make things happen smoothly for us through these angels we met at the hotel.”Tay

Cuenten con nosotros = Count on us

Cuenten con nosotros = Count on us

“Cuenten con nosotros.”
Grace’s reply when we requested assistance
For a press conference with the local media

Grace left instructions to call
Every single media
Arrange for interview schedules, give directions to the hotel

And more…

We don’t really know what else one can ask for
From Villa Del Angel
A place teeming with hospitality
Of nothingless
Than Angels

We can only encapsulate our experience at Villa Del Angel with the following anecdote:

We returned to the hotel from lunch one afternoon. Before we even reached the reception, Carlos, one of the staff approached us and apologized that our room was still being cleaned, and he will expedite it so that we can return soonest. Meanwhile, perhaps we could enjoy some fresh air in the patio? And whilst we’re at it, perhaps we’d like something to drink – a juice or water or coffee?

We requested for cold water, because it was a hot day. Carlos promptly returned to the patio with 2 glasses of chilled water, wrapped with napkins so that the glasses are not too cold for us to hold.

This is more than... just a glass of water

This is more than... just a glass of water

This is pure hospitality.

Opened Doors, Opened Hearts – Our Hospitality Sponsor

Villa Del Angel“A beautiful new hotel located in the prestigious Colonia Escalon, main place for business, shopping, arts and entertainment. Our team warm, comfortable rooms and serene atmosphere make us the best option for you.” For more information about Villa Del Angel in San Salvador, El Salvador click here.

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