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Archive for 2012

A personal appeal from Tay and Val: We (really) need your help to keep going

The death of our laptop

Dear Families and Friends, How are you since we last connected? We are finally in Los Angeles, and Val has just completed her first audition in Hollywood last Friday. As we each take one more step closer to our dreams, we wish the same for you, too. Simultaneously, we had planned to screen our films […]

Sharing, Dreaming, Inspiring Giveaway 12 –

"Un sueño compartido, Un sueño inspirado" Spanish Dreamcards

Giveaway 12: A pair of “Un Sueño Compartido, Un Sueño Inspirado” Spanish Dreamcards We began our series of giveaways with a set of Taiwan Dreamcards – inspired, designed and made in Taiwan We end our this series of 12 giveaways with another set of Dreamcards – inspired, designed and made in Latin America And we […]