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A personal appeal from Tay and Val: We (really) need your help to keep going

Dear Families and Friends,

How are you since we last connected? We are finally in Los Angeles, and Val has just completed her first audition in Hollywood last Friday. As we each take one more step closer to our dreams, we wish the same for you, too.

Simultaneously, we had planned to screen our films and videos in various communities; and speak to universities and schools…BUT in the first week we were here, our laptop completely malfunctioned (we’ve got it checked at the Apple store – it is beyond repair…and it’s also 5-years-old); and our filming equipment started failing on us, too (they have served us well for the last 2 years on the road).

The death of our laptop

All of these happened while our only source of donations, PayPal closed down our account because we are not a 501 (c) registered non-profit.

There must be a very good reason for all of the above happening to us. We are also quite sure that it’s not because it’s time for us to go home. We know you agree, too.

We are currently raising funds via a crowdfunding platform to get these equipment so that we can keep going on this journey.

As such, we are personally appealing to you:

Go to the fundraising campaign at

  1. DONATE – Your contribution, no matter the amount will help us continue the work that we are doing. $10 will help us cycle one more mile, meet one more person, document one more dream, share one more story…and inspire one more life. In fact, this was how we met you, this was how we got to cross paths and leave heart-prints, isn’t it?
  2. SPREAD THE WORD – And if could SHARE the message with your friends/community via Facebook, Twitter, Email, even the phone – it will help us get the exposure we need to potential donors. And it will mean much to us.
  3. CONNECT US – Lastly, if you know someone/a company/an organization who might be interested and willing to donate a larger sum of money in support of the project – like sponsor one of our videos/speaking events, please connect us.

We have 40 days left to raise funds. 30 March 2012 also marks the third year of our journey. Help us make it happen. Help us keep going. Help us keep inspiring.

Thank you for your time; and we wish you peace and love.

Tay and Val

One Dream Shared, One Dream Inspired