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2012 Hopes of Latin America – What’s your dream? 2012 Esperanzas de Latinoamérica – ¿Cuál es su sueño?

When we first arrived in Mexico City, one of the first words that often greeted us was “PELIGROSO”, which means “DANGEROUS”.

Dos chicas
Están solas en sus bicicletas
Muy peligroso!

Two girls
Alone on their bicycles
Very dangerous!

These warnings came in our emails, Facebook messages, website comments, conversations with friends and greetings with the local Mexicans.
We put up a brave front and replied:

Lo que no buscan
No vamos a encontrar

What we don’t look for
We won’t find

Deep down inside, we were terrified. 6PM, before the sunset was our self-imposed curfew. We walked together, one of us in charge of looking in front, the other in charge of looking behind. If there was a strange-looking person walking behind us, we’d cross the street and double our pace. Our bicycles were left in storage for a full month before we dared to bring them out and ride them on the streets.

An incident during our first month in Mexico changed our perception completely. It took away the veil of danger fear had put across our eyes. We began to experience Latin America – its alive-ness, awake-ness and awareness. We pedaled, trekked, bused our way through the doors of many casas; and connected with the hearts of many familia. And in that journey, we realized how misunderstood this continent is.

We landed on the soils of Latin America during a time when the world is prohesized to end with the Mayan Calendar on 21 December 2012. We journeyed through these lands, where the calendar originated from… to seek answers. And from its people, a new calendar is borne – a calendar called HOPE. “2012 Hopes of Latin America” is documentary short that reveals this calendar, that brings forth an evolution.

Launching on 01/01/2013

We made it this far, every single day, every pedal, every story, every inspiration – only possible because of you.
Many thanks to every single soul who believes in dreams coming true.
Special thanks to:
Fernando Muñoz, the D.O.P who said, “Yes! Count me in!” after hearing our story;
Tizoc, who gave us his time without even meeting us;
Breakfast Family for serving us our breakfasts 5 times;
Adán, who moved and grooved us with his music and soul;
Children who shared with us our first street-soccer experience;
Ni who taught us the patience of bead-by-bead;
Eva who came down to take photos of us despite being her birthday day;
Oscar, who showed us what it truly means to be lit up by our passions.
Thank you all – for selflessly sharing parts of yourselves with us, simply because you believe in “Un sueño compartido, Un sueño inspirado”.
Above all, thank you for living your dreams. ¡Muchas gracias!

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