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Our Story in Bellingham – an invitation to say YES!

One of our Couchsurfing hosts, owner of The Table and Bellingham Pasta Co., Katie shared on our Facebook page: “Bellingham is a better place today because of these two.”

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Being stranded, almost homeless; and definitely sleepless in Seattle in June this summer – we were this close to packing up and moving on from the United States, onto the next continent on this global tour to inspire dreams… to another place that could perhaps, inspire us to inspire once more.

The Universe has had a curious way of guiding, and sometimes goading us on this journey. This time round, our next step came in the form of an invitation by Marli – to speak at her dream-come-true event, TEDxWWU. Engaging with a group of people with a very special spot in our hearts – college students; being part of somebody who turned her dream into a reality; “MOVE & INSPIRE PEOPLE (Marli’s Dream)”-ing… Of course we said YES!

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This first “YES!” led us to the next “YES!” when Jessica and Mataio from Ciao Thyme suggested that we connect with community pioneers Chuck and Dee from Village Books. Community builders, living examples of dreamers – we believed we have quite purposefully stumbled upon our inspiration:

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Village Books then connected us with Whatcom Community College, who greeted us with, “Thank you – for putting Bellingham on your agenda, for stopping by and wanting to put a presentation event with us together.” And because we said “YES!”, Kris, Christina and Laura put their time and hearts together – a creative SYNERGY:

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Because we said “YES!” Bellingham. You said “YES!” to us, too. We asked a group of Western kids, “Would you like to collect dreams with us?” And they took the question: What’s Your Dream? and made it their own at the Bellingham Farmers’ Market:

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After conducting a workshop at the Whatcom Community College Leadership Institute, we asked the student leaders, “Do you feel ready to go and live your dreams now? Pearl and Marcelina replied, “We want to bring our profound learnings to our community in Bellingham. We want Bellingham to know – that dreams no matter how small, are worth dreaming; and dreams no matter how big, can be achieved and lived.”

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A photographer in Mexico once wrote about his experience with us: What is more powerful than a man living his dreams? A group of dreamers living theirs; and in doing so, inspires the dreams in others, too. We experienced the epiphany he had, right here in Bellingham, with our Dream Ambassadors:

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Looking at the dreams and hopes and passions of these beautiful souls, we marveled at how, not-so-long-ago, we almost walked away from all of these. And marveled in even greater awe, how the faith of one “YES!” could move mountains of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. More importantly, how it can move enough hearts, spirits, and people – to create a movement of dreams inspiring dreams (Psst… Savannah, we’re ever looking forward to the first page of your book!):

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Summer came and summer went. We found ourselves hosted by nourishing space and beautiful people, we established a HQ in Seattle, we booked 6 presentations/workshops, did 4 media interviews with good-good-hearted journalists, launched our Dream Tees… Along the way, we found the courage to say one more “YES!”, the tenacity to take one more step, and the inspiration to commit traveling through all 50 States of the USA. Knowing deep in our hearts, the movement to let one dream shared, inspire millions – has never stopped moving. We just need to keep going.

We lived, loved and laughed – a lot. In great company, too.

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Bellingham (and Katie): We are better people because of YOU. YOU have never once left our sight and hearts (the poster now sits in our bedroom), YOU have never stopped inspiring us, YOU reminded us – to say “YES!”

And because we said “YES!”
Dreams Unlimited @BELLINGHAM was created:

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An event so very very special, because it marked the beginning of our USA journey, almost one full year after we first landed in LA. A local event, created by the local people, for the local community. An event made up of faces, beyond names and logos. An event of why DREAMS are UNLIMITED, so long as we keep taking one more step.

Today, invite YOU to say “YES!”, too.
To your passions, your dreams, yourselves.
Say YES!

Co-CREATE the public art installation of a mural of Bellingham Dreams
(as per the background of the poster above)

COME to the event.
INVITE your families, friends, colleagues, communities on Facebook.
FORWARD and SHARE this post to your networks.

Move with us, Pass it along:

Tickets also available for sale at Village Books, The Table, Ciao Thyme and 3OMS