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18-19th Mar: 24Hr Cycling Challenge Fundraiser

Watch live video from taynval on
16 hours.
Thank you everyone for your support.

In the last leg of Project Singapore, where we make preparations for this life-changing journey, we will put ourselves through an ultimate test of endurance – cycle for 24 hours.

Start – 1000Hrs (SGT) 18 March 2010 (Thurs)
End – 1000Hrs (SGT) 19 March 2010 (Fri)

Right here on this website. The entire process will be streamed “live” via webcam; and you may view it on the screen on this page.

To raise awareness about “I Believe That Dreams Can Come True”; to raise funds to help us take this project to the world; and above all, to Inspire.

Support Us:

Auction: Bid for award winning training computer – Polar FT7

Bid for Polar FT7 training computer from SGD150. Retail price at SGD212.93. Highest bidder within the hour closes the deal. Proceeds will be used to fund “I Believe That Dreams Can Come True”.

About Polar FT7: FT7 is a basic training computer for casual training and elementary fitness enthusiast. It offers an easy start to heart rate-based training with its unique EnergyPointer feature, helping you achieve your goals in an easy way. Keep track of your training by transferring the exercise files into your online training diary at

Polar FT7F is proud to have been awarded the best entry-level heart rate monitor in the Gear category of the inaugural SHAPE AWARDS 2010.