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The Beginnings

If tomorrow, the world ends, your life ends…
What are the things need to do today?

The Bucket List – a list of things to do, dreams to fulfill; before we kick the bucket.

Our bucket list of things include:
Travel around the world. Meet people. Hear their stories.
Tell their stories through producing.
Take the risk of online programming.
Share our programs with the world.

We started a production company, wanting to take on the list item by item. A chance encounter with a retired train master on our break in Taiwan pulled everything together, more seamlessly than any of the proposals that came out in our brainstorm sessions.

The retired train master, affectionately known as “Luo Papa” in his village, has a dream. He wants to cycle around the entire Taiwan, stop at every train station, and take a photo. Simple.

But he’s 64 this year, and has no one to do it with.

Perhaps it was his sincerity. Perhaps it was the hospitality. There was something about this feisty old uncle that moved me since Day 1 I stayed at his homestay.

The homestay was converted from old trains he’d bought from the railway company after he’d retired. I’d asked him, “Why?”

“就圓一個夢嘛 (To fulfil a dream)!” Luo Papa exclaimed, and went on to describe his childhood story of him chasing after the steam-engine trains in his backyard…

We waited for him to finish and leave, and burst into tears. This old gentleman isn’t shy to proclaim his dreams, chase them, fulfil them and show them off! 他的理所當然讓我感動得哭了。。。(His steadfast belief moved us to tears…)

Something in us stirred.

And it stirred us enough to volunteer accompanying him. That night, we made a pact with him – we would accompany him on his round Taiwan cycling trip. All 1500km, 210 stations, in 30 days. We would help him take those photos. We would help him realize his dream!

我以為是我在幫一個爺爺成就他的夢想。原來,是他的夢想開始了我們的夢想。(We thought we were the ones helping Luo Papa realize his dream. The truth is – he had opened a door to help us realize our bucket list of dreams.)

We realized that we could go travel around the world:
Meet people who’ve realized their dreams.
Meet people who are realizing their dreams.
Document our process and share these experiences.
Pay it forward and create a chain of dreams coming true…

The Beginnings… and I Believe That Dreams Can Come True was conceived.