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The Girls

Tay and Val

Tay and Val

Tay – I want to teach

TayI Believe That Dreams Can Come True sparked off memories… I asked myself what my dream was, is. And I realized I had kept my childhood dream in my heart for a long long long time. I want to be a teacher. I want to teach.

Teach what? I taught tuition when I was in University. It became a chore after a while because I can’t remember the Algebra, the mole concept, the E=MC(2), whatever… I ended up having to revise my secondary textbooks before going for tuition which was not much fun and I realized I was of not much help to my student.

So I gave up tuition, became a TV producer/director after graduating from Uni and have been one for the last 8 or 9 years.

In the midst of listening to other people’s stories, telling their stories, I grew up. And today I realized what TEACHING truly means to me.

It is not about imparting a skill or knowledge, TEACHING means sharing and inspiring.

I have been the student all these years, learning and being inspired by all these people who have shared their stories and life with me.

And it is my turn to share, to inspire, to pay it forward.

Val – Remembering Dreams


“I had a dream –
to show the world the beautiful colors of emotions on the big movie screen of life.”

I remember the first time I went on stage to collect my first award at an art competition. I was beaming, awfully pleased that for once, I’ve finally made my mum proud. At five years old, I declared my first dream, “I want to be an artist and paint good pictures and win a lot of prizes!”

Years past, I won national competitions, had a painting exhibited at the National Art Museum, and was nowhere close to realizing my dream of being an artist. Instead, I went ahead and realized my Dad’s dream of studying at River Valley High (because his scores didn’t allow him to when he was young), graduated with good enough grades to enter Hwa Chung Junior College (my mum’s dream; because some aunt’s son was studying there and she had something to be proud of), again graduated with good enough grades to enter SMU, finally graduating with honors, finally realizing my Ah Ma’s final dream of a female grandchild wearing the graduation gown.

Along the way…
I danced my first self-choreographed dance in front of the entire school and dreamt of being a dancer.
I joined singing schools and dreamt of being a singer.
I was scouted by producers, did acting, and dreamt of being an actor.
I started writing songs, recorded them, and dreamt of being a composer.

I spent my last university term on an exchange program in Shanghai, so that I could get away from the rat race of jobs application blah bloo blah, and really think about what I want to do with my life. I was thinking, after realizing everyone else’s dream for me; perhaps…just perhaps, it’s time for me to do something about my own dream. By that time, I had neatly summed up my dream –

To become an all-rounded artiste, who can sing, dance, act and compose. I’d paint emotions and stories with my voice, my craft.

Long story short, it didn’t happen. I took up business managing in an interactive agency instead.

If you’ve followed me so far, how many of you have at some point in your life, did the same thing(s) I did?

Took the well-trodden path.
Played on the safe side.
Stowed your dreams away… taking them out ever so occasionally to comfort yourself –
That once upon a time, you had dreams.

Once upon a time
We all had dreams –
To do something
Be somebody

Do you still remember yours?