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A Project To…

a project to Overcome Fear

We have a confession to make. Before this journey, Val did NOT know how to cycle. In fact, she’s terrified of the bicycle. Before this journey, Tay has NEVER been in front of the camera. In fact, she’s horrified to be on-screen. View the video about the journey that began back at home in Singapore – the journey to overcome our innermost fears.

a project to INSPIRE DREAMS

One Dream Shared, One Dream Inspired

We invited 6 friends randomly over for dinner and asked if they would be willing to pen their dreams down on slips of coloured paper. View the video to find out how they responded!

a project DESPITE Without A Cent

“No Money” is one of the most common reasons people give for not chasing/living their dreams. We wanted to live an example to show people otherwise. View the introduction video about our debate over “Money”.

a project to go AROUND THE WORLD

We went onto the streets of Singapore and asked people, “Do you believe that dreams can come true?” View the video to find out what they said!

a project to BELIEVE

What is “I Believe That Dreams Can Come True”? We made an introduction video to answer that question. View the end product painstakingly put together after Tay stumbled upon her lines for X amount of times…

a project to REMEMBER

At the beginning of the project, we sent out a request on our Facebook Page, asking people to complete the sentence, “Dreams are…”. View the video to see what people answered us with.


Read the pictorial story about how we met “Luo Papa” in Taiwan, and how his story inspired us to embark on this journey.